Fitness QnA #2 – Exercise Substitutions

I hope the fact that we are halfway through 2011 is not lost on you. We are running out of time to achieve our goals in 2011.


Imagine you had to pay a $100 fine ever time you skipped your workout. How many training sessions would you miss? … Set a schedule. Set rules. Set deadlines. Get out of your comfort zone. Put some urgency in training. Put some pressure on yourself. We’re not getting any younger.

Now over to this week’s TT Member Question and Answers.

Question: This afternoon I plan to do workout B of TT Meatheads Lucky #7, the June TT workout of the month, but I do not have TRX straps, so I need some exercise replacements for:

3A) Suspended pushups – Can I replace with declined pushups?
3B) Strap triceps – Can I replace with lying DB tricep extensions?

Thanks – Andrew

Answer: Yes, those are great substitutions. Also, if you don’t want to use the Stability Ball Rollout in place of the TRX “Fallout” ab exercise, why not try the…

The Exercise of the Week: “Band Alphabet Abs”

In this exercise you’ll brace your abs and use the band to draw the alphabet. Please watch the exercise demonstration video on youtube here:


Question: Craig, I’ve read a lot on “fasting”. Have you tried it yourself and do you really get improved energy levels, focus and an increase in natural growth hormone? – Kris

Answer: Hi Kris, all are possible. I’ve tried it and I like to use it when I travel or on a weekend. Many Turbulence Training contest winners have used it to lose a lot of fat.

I recommend Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program here:


Question: I recently got the worst stomach bug in my life. I lost 6 pounds and haven’t worked out in 3 weeks. What TT program do I use to get back on track?I would like to regain my strength and endurance and keep the fat off.

Here are the TT workouts I have done since 2010 in reverse choronological order:

Transformation 3,Clash of the Titans, Adrenaline, Hardcore 2K10, TT2k5, TT2k4, TT2k3, Bodyweight cardio 3, Adv. Bodysculpting for women, Bodysculpting for women, Booty for Wife, Buff Dudes/Hot Chicks, and TT for Abs.

Thanks for your input and all the really great work you do! -SStout

Answer: Happy to help. Wow, you’ve finished an amazing list of workouts.  For now, I recommend 2 weeks on the Intermediate program from the main TT manual.

I know its easier than what you’ve done in the past, but its a good fit, all things considering over the last two weeks. But be easy on yourself for the first couple of workouts back.

After that, I suggest doing 3-4 weeks of your favorite TT workout from the list you mentioned, and then once you’re ready, try the TT Metabolic Resistance Training program from May 2011. It’s tough. 

And for readers who want to try some of the workouts on her list, you can access each individual workout here:


Question: Hi! I just joined today and am looking forward to the whole TT experience! The reason I joined is because I just finished Phase 3 of NROL for Abs today and it seems like Alwyn Cosgrove likes the TT stuff so I thought I would try it out.

Given that I’ve been going pretty hard with the NROL for Abs workouts for the last 6 months should I take a week off, or can I jump right in? I’m 6’1, 193lbs., 17% fat and want to continue losing weight and dropping fat.

Answer: I suggest jumping in, but doing just 1-2 rounds of each superset for the first week, instead of 3. I also recommend starting with the Intermediate program from the main TT for Fat Loss manual.

Alright, great session, and let’s finish the 2nd half of 2011 strong.

Have a great weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer