Evil Workout

I apologize. I’m evil. I’m a naughty, naughty boy. In an effort to give you the most effective workouts ever, I went and created this monster.

I can just hear you now:

“Bad Craig, Bad boy!”

Now I know how ol’ Bally the Dog feels after he gets caught sneaking food off the kitchen table.

You see, this is the type of feedback I get from TT readers that use TT MRT Workout B:

“I just started this workout over the weekend and have done Workouts A & B. I can say, without doubt, that workout B is one of the toughest and evil workouts I have ever done. Just brutal, I am so sore today.

There are actually more than the 156 pushups in this workout. If you include the 2 warmup sets of 6 T-Pushups (12) and 4 sets of Spiderman pushups (80) and 4 sets of Grasshopper pushups (96), there is a total of 188 pushups if you did 4 sets.

I only did 1 warmup set and 3 total sets but even then I had 138 pushups, an none of them were normal. The spiderman pushups were intense.

Oooops. “Sorry for being evil.” – Evil Craiggy  More TT member feedback
“Finished my first week of MRT 1.0 and can say without reservation that it is the single most challenging workout program I have ever performed, bar none.

I thought MRT 2.0 was tough, but MRT 1.0 is its older and much nastier brother.

“Workout A is a nice mix of exercises and I particularly enjoyed the High Pulls, an exercise I had not done before. Workout B is the single toughest individual workout I have ever done, it just wipes you out and I needed 2 full days of recovery before my next.

The strap spiderman pushups are crazy intense. My arms, chest and shoulder were hard as a rock for almost 24 hours after this workout. I liked the Chinup/Dip combo in workout C, nice variety of exercises. Workout D is the easiest of the workouts, relatively speaking, but still difficult.

“I love the program design, I can do workout A & B on consecutive days and Workouts C&D can be done consecutively as well. This is a very advanced workout, I would not even attempt it without 3-6 months experience with higher level TT programs.

The only things I changed were only doing one set of the warmup exercises, which is very time consuming, and eliminating the cardio intervals in workout C. I am seeing and feeling results in the first week The variety of exercises keep you interested and diverts your attention from realizing how hard it is. Bravo Craig, this is a beauty.” Beautifully evil. <= I like that.

I’ll warn you first though, these are INTENSE workouts. That’s because the goal of TT Metabolic Resistance Training is to elevate your “in-workout and after-workout” calorie burning.

These workouts will kick your butt and leave your muscles burning MEGA-calories for hours – even days – afterward. That’s what sets Turbulence Training apart from long, slow, boring cardio workouts.

Not only will you burn fat faster than cardio, you’ll ALSO build lean, sexy muscle – all at the SAME time.

So get ready for the sweaty, metabolic goodness.

(And you’ll CURSE ME like you’ve never cursed me before.)

Bring on the metabolism boosting workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – BIG Announcement coming later this weekend.

It’s going to change the entire landscape of fat loss training.