Drop Fat Fast Just by Walking and Resting

When Terri came to my office, she was so overweight and out of shape she could barely get out of bed. It took her hours to run basic errands, even grocery shopping. Hauling all that extra weight around made life difficult.

So we tried a new approach to exercise.

She walked for 45 seconds and then stopped.

She rested and then did it again.

That’s it.

Then we added the progressive element. After her first week of walking for 45 seconds followed by rest, we slowly increased the challenge.

In just 4 months, she lost 45 pounds. Today, Terri has dropped over 68 pounds and she’s still going.

Did you ever think you could lose 45 pounds by walking for 45 seconds? When I tell people this story, they’re shocked. But I have Terri’s progress recorded from the very beginning.

This new approach worked for Terri… and it can work for you, too.

If you want to get a taste of it, here are three simple steps you can take to get started right now:

1. Find an exertion level. Push yourself until you’re breathing heavily, until you’re at a level where you feel it would be hard to carry on a conversation. You can do this by running, biking, on a machine at the gym, etc.

2. Stop and recover (dynamic rest). Now measure your heart rate. You can do that with a heart rate monitor or by finding your pulse. When you feel your heart beating, count the number of beats for six seconds and multiply by 10. That’s your pulse rate.

3. Record your progress. How long did it take you to reach a high level of exertion? How long did it take you to recover? What was your heart rate? Write it down.

[Ed. Note: Dr. Sears is a practicing physician and the author of PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution. He is also a nutritional expert, a fitness expert, and is certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. One of Dr. Sears’s patients, Rik Pavlescak, was able to lose 48 pounds of fat and build 24 pounds of new muscle after just three months on the PACE program. Find out how Rik (and dozens of other people like him) did it here.]

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