3 Things You MUST Do for Your Diet

I’m just finishing up a quick in-and-out trip to New York City, where I had lunch meeting with John Romaniello and then a few other business partners (non-fitness related) on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

I also snuck in a big walk around Central Park, and then hit an upper body meathead workout with my friend Simon Black – he’s like a secret agent or something – at a New York Sports Club near Central Park.

Friday was a true cheat day, as Roman and I hit a BBQ joint where I just “had to try” the fried chicken and waffles. Good times. But I planned for that. And on Saturday I was right back on track.

And today I’ll join you in doing the 3 things we all MUST do for our diets.

1 – Plan
2 – Shop
3 – Prepare

Every single person who loses 10 pounds, 25 pounds, or even over 34 pounds in 12 weeks with Turbulence Training does these 3 things with their diet.

First, they plan ahead.

They identify the obstacles that are going to come up this week (such as business trips, work meetings, soccer practices with the kids and no time to make dinner) and they plan ahead to make sure healthy meals are pre-made.

And when you’re home, you plan ahead to have the ingredients for incredible fat loss meals like these ones from Prograde, a company I’ve partnered with to bring you the best nutrition information.

You get 197 recipes for under $5. That’s 2.5 cents per recipe. And these meals aren’t boring or bland, and they don’t require crazy, fancy ingredients. Even ol’ Bally the Dog could make these meals.

Second, that brings us to the shopping part.

Now that you know what you need for your meals in the week ahead, that makes the shopping easy. Get the best quality ingredients you can afford – checking out farmer’s markets for deals on fresh food.

Finally, bring home the ingredients and “batch-prepare” as many of the meals for the week ahead as you possibly can make.

Wash and cut up fruits and vegetables and place them on the most visible shelf in your fridge. Research shows this encourages you to eat more of them.

Simple steps – 1, 2, 3 – will help you lose fat without needing to make dramatic changes. And this recipe book shows you how to enjoy delicious meals that help you lose fat.

=> 197 recipes for fat loss meals

Follow this simple plan and you’ll look better, feel better, eat better, and have 10x’s more energy for your family, work, and fun.

Back with some really cool workouts tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – What about protein powders?

I’m not huge into using powders, but when I do use protein, I like this brand

=> If you use protein, get this protein powder

It’s the brand I buy for my mom, too.

  • Pretty cool that you are partnering with ProGrade! Interestingly enough, the person who first got me started back on a healthy path was none other than Jayson Hunter! I bought his Get Rid of My Gut e-book a few years ago and that was the turning point for the better (I was getting into pretty horrid shape). I’ve had ups and downs since, but overall I am better because of it (along with you and some others). Thumbs up!

    – Greg

    • Great work Greg, congrats on your success.

  • Lisa Kochnowich

    Hi Craig…..I have been using your program for awhile and i just love it…..i cant say enough about how you have transformed my workouts for the better. they are faster and more productive. I do have a question about protein powders though. I love the Prograde and it taste great. But I am not sure if I am taking it at the right times or taking enough of it. I enjoy the protein powders with some frozen fruits and whip it up in my blender…especially great smoothie during the summer…..sometimes i use this instead of breakfast….sometimes as a snack….or sometimes after or before a workout. I guess my question is, is this suppose to be as a meal replacement? i use between 1/2 to 1 full scoop and i alot of times find that it curbs my hunger but not for long. I am 5′-2″ , female and weigh 160 lbs. Now i know that my weight is high, but the weight does not really come down even with all the exercise i do. but i have lost an incredible amount of inches….so i know what i am doing is working…..so my next thing to change is the diet. i try and eat clean….meaning no processed foods, all the right type of fats, lots of protein and not too many starchy carbs….i eat quinao and brown rice for my carbs…..try and get in lots of green veggies. I really struggle some days with “needing” those strachier carbs like the rice and quinao. and thats why i have tried the protein powders. hoping that if it is that i am not eating enough protein this may help curb those cravings…..I just really wish my weight would start coming down……i know they say if you are losing inches then not to worry, and the weight will start coming down. I have read so many of your other followers saying how much weight they lose int he beginning and i never see that for myself…I mean i have lost alot of abdominal fat and such but just no weight. Could you please advise me on how to use the protein powder to steer me in the right direction.
    Thnaks Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      The way you are using the protein powder now is fine. There’s nothing magic about them, though.

      They can help control appetite, and are a better choice than a granola bar or fast food.

      But in general, protein is just protein. Its just a nutrient we need every day. If you don’t get enough from other foods, that’s where protein powders come in to play.