Carb Fueled Muscle Building

One of my best friends in the fitness industry, the legendary Jason Ferruggia, made a controversial statement yesterday on his Twitter page.
“Carbs are more important than protein for skinny guys who want to gain muscle.”

If that’s the case, then I’m good to go! Last night’s dinner at a local family restaurant (Osteria La Gramola) in Tavernelle, a small town in Tuscany, delivered plenty of carbs. Fortunately, dinner was a delicious pork roast with white beans, and dessert was a simple pear (baked in wine!).

That fueled me up for a workout that I just had to do. I had to go Meathead. It had been almost a full week without pure Meathead training, and you know how much I love the TT for Meatheads programs <= try them here

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I missed training this week – having done mostly bodyweight training this week. So I finally checked out the hotel gym. My friends painted a picture of a desolate little room, and while it was little, it still had everything I needed to get a big carb-fueled muscle building pump.

Here’s what I did with the Technogym cable stack. It’s a perfect circuit for when you’re stuck somewhere without dumbbells but want to keep building muscle…

The Carb-Fueled Cable Stack Meatheads Workout

1A) 1-Arm Cable Chest Press – 5×10 per side
1B) Medium-Grip Cable Row (done in quarter squat position) – 5×10
1C) 1-Arm Cable Row – 4×10 per side
2A) Cable Rear-Delt Raise – 4×10
2B) 1-Arm Cable Chest Fly – 3×10 per side
2C) Cable Shrug – 3×15
3A)1-Arm Cable Lat Pulldown – 4×12 per side
3B) Cable Triceps Pressdown – 4×12
3B) Cable Biceps Curl – 4×12

Good fun! Now we’re off to visit Sienna for the day…then I head home to Toronto tomorrow…and return to barbell and dumbbell Meathead workouts on Sunday morning. Join me here…

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By the way, I randomly checked a scale in the men’s locker room on the way out, and I haven’t gained any weight despite eating over 4,000 (and probably closer to 5,000) calories per day while here in Tuscany.

That’s the power of my metabolism – boosted by the Turbulence Training Lifestyle – to burn the fat and feed the muscle, as my friend Tom Venuto says.

It all starts with dropping the cardio, hitting the TT metabolic resistance training, and building lean metabolic muscle with the TT Meatheads programs.

That’s how I keep 9% fat all year round and 6-pack abs, even when traveling so much – and enjoying my food while on holidays.

Get lean by doing the opposite of what most people do. Stop the cardio. Hit the TT.

Staying lean in Italy thanks to the TT Meatheads workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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Then go eat some CARBS and enjoy the metabolic boosting benefits of Turbulence Training, muscle-building style!