Can Busy Moms Lose Fat?

Today we’re finishing off my abs exercises interview with female fat loss expert, Holly Rigsby. It’s been a great week in which we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from women…

…questions about belly fat, postpartum loose skin, stretch marks, six pack abs after 3 kids, and a host of other topics.  So, if you’ve missed any of it, you can find it here: part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

So let’s end this interview with a bang as Holly reveals just how much time women only need to lose fat!


Craig Ballantyne: I’ve got two quick questions for you. First one is what’s your Facebook page, so people can find you and become a fan of Fit Yummy Mummy?

Holly Rigsby: Yes, what is that called? I can never figure out the right address.

Craig Ballantyne: I guess just have people look for Fit Yummy Mummy and Holly Rigsby on Facebook.

Holly Rigsby: If you Facebook Fit Yummy Mummy, because the link I see for my fan page is a bunch of code.

Craig Ballantyne: Sure.

Holly Rigsby: It has Fit Yummy Mummy in it.

Craig Ballantyne: Okay, perfect. That will get people to you.

The next thing I wanted to ask you is maybe if you could just share a couple of success stories? Maybe one from a mom who is under 31, one from a mom who is around 35, then one from someone 45 or above.

Holly Rigsby: You’re putting me on the spot.

Craig Ballantyne: I know you have plenty though.

Holly Rigsby: I do. But, what’s happening is that we have two weeks left in the challenge, so nobody wants to post anything until the end. What I have is people just posting their progress in their journal, but no before and afters.

I will tell you that the ENERGY, because of being in a transformation challenge is just amazing. These women all feed off of each other. What I have found to be so very helpful is that if one person is having a bad day they can come there and ask for help and support and there’s like 20 or 30 other women saying, “Hey, I understand. I’ve been there, I’ve done that before too. Let’s get this going.”

Yes, the physical changes are great and that’s what we all bank of efforts on, but it’s really those INTERNAL CHANGES that are taking place and developing that belief and the confidence that I can do this that is the most powerful that I’ve seen. Change in mindset is amazing, because women are very susceptible to self sabotaging behaviors.

We see this each and every challenge, but as they complete these challenges they are able to not let the same things in the past sabotage them. They find this brand new strength about them and it’s amazing how consistent these women have been for the past, we’re on week nine or week 10, we’ve got two more weeks. They have stuck through this.

We all know that we’re all gung-ho at the beginning for a New Year’s challenge. Everybody signs in January to do whatever it takes to lose weight. Here these women are 10 weeks later still doing this. So, in the next two weeks be ready for some jaw dropping results, because the things that they’ve been excited about are truly inspiring.

I cannot say enough good about what these women bring to the table when it comes to the efforts that they put into their transformations.

Craig Ballantyne: Awesome. That’s really great stuff.

Craig Ballantyne: The last question I want to ask you before we go is the time question. So many moms just don’t have a lot of time.

One woman has written in, “My number one question is will doing exercises in bits and bites instead of together in a group be effective?” She’s a stay at home mom and getting 20 minutes in a row is quite challenging.

I guess there are two questions here. One is hers, can she break it up. Then two is how much time does a women really need to put into the workouts? How long are your follow along DVDs that you send out?

Holly Rigsby: Oh, yes, this is a wonderful question. Sure. What I tell the Fit Yummy Mummies is that something is BETTER than nothing. Like I said before, this is about creating a routine and a habit of staying consistent.

If you only have five minutes to exercise then do whatever part of that workout you can do for five minutes. Then whenever you have another five minute break then do it. But, then it’s a matter of saying, “How can I adjust my lifestyle to be able to get my full workout in?” When I’m talking about full workout, all I’m asking is 10 to 15 minutes.

So, it’s a matter of saying, “I don’t have 20.” That’s okay, you don’t need 20. You just need 10 to 15 minutes. That’s how quick these workouts are. I make them in 10s, I make them so that they’re suitable to do at home so moms don’t have to worry about child care or leaving the house, the hassle it takes to load up the kids in the car. They can do them right at home, especially for busy moms. I understand, I know.

There are moms when we talk this through it’s a matter of saying, “My toddler won’t let me exercise.” I’m like, “No. It’s not that your toddler won’t let you exercise. It’s a matter of creating that transition.” A lot of moms are very successful at saying, “Okay, it’s time for mommy to exercise. Come exercise with mommy.” Children love that invitation.

If you’re moving around and doing something, you are teaching your child the importance of taking care of yourself, of exercise. Children love to do things with their mommies. Talk about it, make it exciting. Say, “This is workout time with mommy.” Then it doesn’t become a hassle of your child thinking that you’re doing something without them.

So, it’s a matter of creating the right type of environment. If your child is truly needing you or there is something else going on, then get a five minute chunk of a workout in, take care of whatever needs to be taken care of, and come back and get the other five. Then it’s matter of, once again, looking at your lifestyle, looking at your schedule, and saying, “I can fit 10 to 15 minutes in. I can do this. I can entertain my child. I can invite my child.”

It is completely doable and this lends to the consistency that Holly and Craig keep talking about that’s going to deliver the best possible results.

Craig Ballantyne: Awesome stuff, Holly. Thank you so much for being a guest here on our Turbulence Training abs exercises call.

Again, if anyone listening wants more information from Holly just look her up on Facebook, look up Fit Yummy Mummy on Facebook or visit her website and

Holly, is there anything else you want to add before we end this call today?

Holly Rigsby: I just want to say that for any women who are out there listening, never lose hope, do not settle, put in the elbow grease, follow the strategies that I and Craig are teaching you and that you can get results that you never dreamed possible.

Fit Yummy Mummy’s slogan is get your body back. It’s funny, because we keep changing it to say get an even better body back, because these women who put their minds to it and follow through truly do achieve more than what they ever dreamed possible.

Craig Ballantyne: That is very cool. I do like that changing of the slogan. We look forward to your transformation contest results.

Thank you, Holly. Thank you, everyone for listening to this call. It’s been one of our best. I look forward to speaking to you with more fat loss information and with more cool abdominal exercise help for you in the future.

Have a great day everyone. Bye.