Everyone Wants To Burn More Fat, Right?

Everyone wants to burn more fat, right? By Shawna Kaminski

Everywhere you look, you’ll find a ‘flavor of the month’ fitness or diet gimmick. It gets overwhelming to sift through it all to separate the facts from the fiction. Sometimes you’re delivered up half-truths and unless you have experience in the fields of nutrition and fitness, you just never know what to believe.

That’s why you follow Craig and Turbulence Training.

He knows what he’s talking about and more importantly: he ‘walks the walk’. I know Craig personally and he lives what he preaches. Which makes him all the more credible.

Hi, I’m Shawna K. I’m a friend and colleague to Craig. I’m also in the fitness trenches with him. I’m a Turbulence Trainer as well because I respect what Craig knows and stands for.  We’re always trying and testing things out on our own body and our willing clients. I have a few years on Craig though. I just turned 50 so I have over 25 years under my belt in this game.

I’ve tried it all and I know what works.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m as strong and probably leaner than I’ve ever been. I get asked all the time if I’m getting ready or just finished a physique contest. My response is, ‘Yes, back in 1990..’

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve got a formula for fat loss that isn’t a gimmick. It stands the test of time and I’m living proof. My clients are living proof. It’s based on scientific principles and it’s livable. I don’t train for six hours a day and I don’t follow a starvation type diet. I have a busy life, just like you, just like Craig. We’re the same.

If you think you can ‘out train’ poor eating, then you’re mistaken. (And if you think training longer is going to do the trick, then you’re doubly mistaken, more on that in a bit). Nutrition is as important as training. Let’s talk about a few of the tactics you can employ to support your workouts. These are just a few from my Challenge Fat Loss Nutrition Tactics Guide:

Eat Protein.  Protein is key to leanness. Upping your protein intake will help protect your muscles from breakdown when your calories are down. Protein also stimulates glucagon secretion which will help liberate stored energy.  I don’t mean that you have to sit down to a steak every time you open your mouth, there are plenty of ways to increase protein intake.

You can take a look at some of my favorite choices below:

-Greek yogurt (this is creamy, low fat, low carb goodness!)
-fish, fish, fish (cold water fish!)
-egg whites, hard boiled eggs
-beans and legumes
-low fat or no fat dairy, like skim milk
-skim or low fat cheese
-high quality, low carb protein powder

Eat Less than 30g of Sugar per day. The sugars you don’t need to worry about which occur naturally in foods include: fresh fruit, frozen fruit, veggies, and low fat milk. The BAD sugars: soda, cereal, candy, ketchup, syrup, juice, and many more. Check Labels.

No heavily restricted calories. It may seem logical to only eat a cup of salad a day; in fact anyone would lose weight doing so. But the body hates severe calorie restrictions and will lower metabolism by 30% or more. It basically goes into starvation mode and it will hold onto fat more than ever under starvation conditions.

Limit caffeine. If you’re going to consume coffee or caffeine in general, it’s best consumed at times when you’re not consuming substantial carbohydrate.  Caffeine causes decreased insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, this means more insulin, less fat burning, and more fat storage; three things you DON’T want if you’re looking to shed those unwanted pounds. My suggestion is to ditch caffeinated coffee with high carb breakfast in favour of decaf. Also avoid energy drinks and other caffeine boosters during workouts in which a carbohydrate recovery beverage is being consumed.

Write it down. Studies show that food journaling can be very effective in managing a healthy eating plan. If it goes in your mouth, write it down BEFORE you eat it. You’re less likely to eat ‘junk’ when you have to quantify it.

I have 25 more tips in the Challenge Fat Loss Nutrition Tactics guide for you along with home workouts that are the most effective and least time consuming around.

You can get an incredible workout DONE in 20 minutes or less. You see, it’s the INTENSITY you bring to your workout that really counts, not the time you spend. Often times folks think they’re training hard until they train with me, then when they do, they get an idea of the level of intensity necessary to facilitate a transformational body change. I have a solution so we can actually train side by side.

I’ll take you through my M2A (muscle metabolism acceleration) workouts. You can follow along with me in the workout videos. You’ll up your workout intensity to up your fitness game. aYou’ll finlly lose that fat that you’ve wanted to dump, just in time for summer.

Paired with solid nutrition, these workouts are what you need to get the body you desire. Look, I’m 50 and they work for me, they’ll work for you too.

Craig will have more information on how you and I can be training partners with my Challenge Fat Loss program.

About Shawna Kaminski

Shawna Kaminski is a retired schoolteacher of 20 years who’s found her passion in the fitness industry. She’s parlayed her ability to teach and her love of training into programs that you can directly benefit from. Shawna just turned 50, is a mother of two teenagers and understands how busy life can be. Her workouts are short and intense and often can be done anywhere.

She’s always up for a challenge and shares her fitness challenges with you. Currently she runs her own fitness boot camps and coaches clients in person and online with her amazing result getting programs.