Burn 30% More Calories

Before we get to today’s fat burning tip, you’ll want to hear about my “Top 3 Most Magical Moments” of 2012.

I was doing some reflecting on a beautiful New Year’s Day dog walk with ol’ Bally the Pooch, and I narrowed my amazing 2012 down to these top 3…

#3 – The EarlytoRise.com Seminar in Denver, October 21st

It was amazing hanging out with 100 ETR readers and helping them with personal growth…and they got to watch me dance “Gangnam Style”. Sorry, that won’t be repeated!

#2 – Crossing the finish line at the Toronto Tough Mudder

My best friend, J-Rock, and I finished in the first 10 of this race, completing the 10-mile course in just over 2 hours.

What an amazing “brothers bonding” experience. I’ll never forget him jumping off the 15-foot ledge or falling down while running downhill and then popping back up as though nothing happened. (Yeah J, “no one” noticed!)

Here’s the program he used to train to get in Tough Mudder shape:


And my BEST moment of the year was…

#1 – The 2nd Turbulence Training Summit

So much energy. So many great friends. A few tears of joy and transformation, and lifelong relationships created. Thanks to Alwyn Cosgrove, Bedros Keuilian, Catherine Gordon, Brian Kalakay, Mike Whitfield, all the Certified TT Trainers and  my Turbulence Training team for an unforgettable event!

The 3rd TT Summit will be June 21-22, 2013, in San Diego at a hotel that allows us to do outdoor, rooftop bootcamp workouts!

Now let’s help you burn more belly fat…

Here’s a simple way to boost your workout fat burning potential by a MASSIVE 30%.

It comes from research done at Syracuse University that was published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

Scientists wanted to see if Superset training – like that found in Turbulence Training – would burn more calories than traditional resistance training (that’s the kind you might be doing now).

The “guinea pigs” in the study were 10 young men, and the subjects did 2 workouts separated by at least 7 days.

The workout consisted of 4 sets of 6 exercises, and they did 10 reps per exercise. Pretty standard program.

In one condition, the subjects did the exercises in supersets, while on the other day they did the exercises in “straight sets” like you’d read in a bodybuilding magazine (that’s the less effective way and takes twice as long).

Results showed that the superset workout burned almost 30% more calories per minute than the traditional workout.

30% more calories!

Plus, the researcher also discovered that the superset workout burned more calories during the “post-exercise” period (that means supersets will help you burn more calories while you recover from – and even sleep off – a workout).

Now just imagine what how much fat you can burn if you combine supersets with other amazing fat burning methods in the #1 TT Workout of the year:

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So there you go. More scientific proof that Turbulence Training is set-up to maximize calorie burning and fat loss.

Make this your BEST year ever with TT,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer