4am 4-Minute Bodyweight Finisher Circuit

Here’s why I love being in San Diego…

First, it’s San Diego. Awesome city. At the top of my list if I ever moved to the good ol’ USA.

Second, it’s got a great gym, Fit Athletic, that I’ll be going to on Friday.

Third, it’s easy to get up early when you go from the East Coast to the West Coast.

That meant I was up so early here in my hotel in San Diego that I’m sure some other guests hadn’t even gone to bed yet.

And at 4am I was down in the hotel gym (decent, lots of open space) for my own bodyweight cardio workout.

This workout put me in a “zen-like” mode, and it wasn’t until over 27 minutes later did I realize how long I had been going.

My shirt was soaked with sweat, and heart rate was high, but I saved the best for last…and I plan to throw this at the TT Summit attendees on Saturday morning during our Bootcamp workout.

It’s an improvement – if that’s possible – over the Finisher I gave to attendees last year.

Total Body Extension 4-Minute Fat Burning Finisher

  • 20 seconds of fast-paced Total Body Extensions
  • Hold the bottom position of the exercise for 10 seconds
  • Repeat for 8 rounds
  • Ouch! – Curse Craig for this circuit
  • Smile that it’s over

Good times will be had by all, I assure you.

More details about the TT Summit next week, until then…

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – If it’s already really hot (or cold) where you are…

…don’t panic.

You can do these workouts inside.

In fact, I “invented” Bodyweight Cardio 5 inside a New Jersey hotel room out of necessity. That hotel had one of the WORST gyms of any hotel I’d ever stayed at.

But I still got a great workout with this program.

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Never worry about a gym again.

  • I was actually one of the finalist of the last TT Fatloss Contest and just purchased the above programs! I absolutely love the TT approach to fitness and actually have a link to your site from mine. Recently I hiked four 14,000 ft mountains in one day with some friends that I considered to be fit and I was the least tired at the end thanks to TT. I plan on doing BWC 5 then doing the Tough Mudder workout to help me get read for the Denver Oyster Race.

    • Well done Paul, i’ve heard about the 14,000 foot hikes. Great work.