Bodyweight Exercises 101:

The Secret to Working Out Anytime, Anywhere

With hundreds of challenging bodyweight exercises freely at your disposal, your body is actually the best piece of home gym “workout equipment” in the world…you literally have all the equipment you would ever need to quickly transform your physique.

Two reasons to include bodyweight exercises into your workouts:

1. You burn way more calories with a short bodyweight cardio workout than you do with a boring old cardio workout.

2. Needing little or no equipment, bodyweight workouts give you more flexibility and convenience in deciding when and where to workout.

9 Bodyweight Exercise Resources

I’ve written a lot about how to use your own bodyweight to burn fat and build muscle, and below are some of my more popular posts. Afterward you’ll find one of the best bodysculpting bodyweight workout packages around.

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Bodyweight Exercise Substitution List

More Bodyweight Exercise Substitutions

Bodyweight Challenge – 250 reps

Bodyweight Challenge – 500 reps

5 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Ultimate Bodyweight Package Deal

Let’s face it, we’re busier now more than ever, and that why it’s important for anyone serious about losing fat and staying lean and sculpted to have a stash of dependable bodyweight workouts that they can do virtually anytime, anywhere.

There’s a lot more to discover on this topic, so join the thousands of others who get free TT Fat Loss knowledge as soon as it’s published:


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