Best “Binge-Eating” Avoidance Tip

What’s your best “binge-eating” avoidance tip?  I know that sometimes the most important thing for fat loss is to simply stay out of harms way. Rather than focusing on being a perfect eater and trying to lower your calories, just make sure you don’t put yourself in any situations where you overdo it.

Below I would like to share with you what a few people had to say from my recent face book fan page question.

I track everything that goes into my mouth. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, all healthy, Sunday through Friday. Saturdays are my cheat days. I eat without tracking and just try to keep it reasonable.  I also “close the kitchen” after dinner – Dave

Stay away from refined foods and keeping my blood sugar balanced throughout the day with food, activity and sleep protects me from the tendency to binge.- Michael

I’m about to start IIFYM. I feel like as long as I can fit in something I want when I’m craving it, I won’t feel bad. “Clean eating” just feels like a set up for a binge eating disorder. I don’t want to have a distorted relationship with food. I don’t want to feel bad or ill after eating something “dirty” or eating so much because I’ve been withholding all week. If I don’t avoid it and say I can’t have it, then I will be less apt to be ravenous for it all the time and will be less likely to go back to unhealthy eating habits. – Samantha

Staying spiritually and emotionally healthy is vital to me. I am recovered from binge eating and bulimia…. Meditating 1-2x per day, working out, focusing on being of service to others, getting massages regularly. journaling and eating whole foods that satisfy my nutritional needs all help! – Stephanie

I plan my meals out the day before and have everything ready and counted. Also helps to eat lots of protein and fibrous veggies, keeps me full all day. – Artie  

Just keep in mind that there is a goal and that is to melt off your fat thats what I do. But when I feel I deserve a cheat day i dont feel guilty about it I usually do it after a fast.. – Darelyne

Just plain keep it out of the house. If it’s there, I am going to eat it. Also, surround yourself with friends who will save you from yourself! –Susanne

Cucumber, tiny dark chocolate square, carrot sticks, water, coffee,…..reading, breathing – Daniela

I’m afraid that all I could tell you is what my binge eating secrets are at the moment – Caz

#1 Never let yourself get famished. #2 If you partake, keep extra goodies out of the house. You want it? Go find and buy it. – Sheri

When I get a craving I’ll make an iced green tea, have a 25 calorie flavor-ice pop, some frozen grapes or blueberries, or some plain Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of plain sugar. For salty cravings, it’s plain popcorn, a rice cake with some protein on top and shmear with Himalayan sea salt. For wine, it’s a four oz. glass of Chardonnay, club soda, and ice…this is a wine spritzer! – Jennifer

Dave hit it in the head, out of the park, or another terrible cliche. KISS and 80/20 are what I use.- Pat

I just make sure I have healthy convenience food like nuts. I take a handful and some water and wait a few minutes, then curbs the need to binge. Otherwise, if your faced with a party or BBQ, drink a protein shake or again nuts prior to going. Don’t go there hungry and just graze lightly on the tasty treats. Enjoy the threats (good or bad) for the flavor and not to the fill the belly. – Chuck

When I buy food I think to myself, am I paying someone to help me be healthy or am I paying someone to get me fat? – Amanda
I am fine till ‘wine o’clock” then I’ll snack on rubbish to go with my wine, kidding myself it’s ok as everything else I’ve eaten all day has been healthy – so I need some avoidance – but at the moment – I look forward to a glass of wine in the evening! New avoidance strategy: 1. No going-with-wine snacks in the house … 2. Drink expensive wine and therefore stick to once or twice a week. What do you think? – Emma

(CB says, “Good plan!)

Drink water when “I think I’m hungry” (many times I’m just thirsty). – Alexandre

Drink water and wait 15 minutes…craving usually goes away. Keep junk out of the house…otherwise I’m eating it – Nicholas

Don’t have junk food in the home. – John

Don’t buy food you shouldn’t eat. but also, don’t tell yourself you “can’t” have something as it tends to make you (or at least me!) want it more! Learning self-control (over time) is very important. – Ainslie

Awesome feedback, thank you everyone!


Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer