Better Butt Workout – Part 2

butt exercisesThe Booty for Life better butt workout was getting a LOT of attention in the last 7 days, and I thank you all for your feedback on the program. This week, I have the second part of the program, and weeks 5-8 for you.

In my last 7 days, I’ve been to Atlanta and now I’m in Orlando, and I have an admission to make…I kind of screwed up my vegan diet experiment by eating pancakes, but I’m still sticking to the plan and it’s been quite easy to do.

After this weekend, I’ll be done traveling for a bit, and I’ll have more time to stay at home and work on some fat loss workouts for you, as well as cool fat loss expert interviews like the one I did this week with Tony Horton, creator of P90X. More details about that in a second…stay tuned.

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Now let’s get you transforming through the holiday season…

Monday – Nov 16

Transformation Tip of the Week:
According to Men’s Health (Feb 2009, p 38), keeping a food log helped subjects lose 3.5 more pounds than subjects that didn’t keep the log.

So track your eating! And your workouts!

Workout A – Booty for Life – Weeks 5-8ab exercise

1A) DB Bulgarian Split Squat (3×8) 2-1-1
1B) 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl (3×8) 2-1-2
2A) Reverse Lunge (3×8) 2-0-1
2B) Plank with Arms on Ball (3×20 seconds)
3A) Reaching Lunge (3×10) 2-0-1
3B) Side Plank (3×30 seconds)

Interval Training
Stretch Tight Muscles

30 minutes of fun activity – just get moving!

You know, here’s a very sad fact…According to Fast Company magazine, “40% of USA dogs are overweight”!

Get your pups out for an extra walk!bally-046small


Write your workouts down…keep track.

Workout B – Booty for Life

1A) Ecc Pull-up (3×5) 4-0-1
1B) Elevated Pushups (3xAs many as you can per side) 2-0-1
2A) Bench Press (3×8) 3-0-1
2B) Underhand Seated Row (3×8) 2-0-1
3A) Close-grip DB Press (3×8) 2-0-1
3B) Seated Row (3×12) 2-0-1

Interval Training
Stretch Tight Muscles

30 minutes of fun activity and then make sure you join the Turbulence Training Facebook Fanpage.

Social support is important, and here’s a great quote:

“Always surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed.” – Gurbaksh Chahal

And the TT facebook fanpage gives you great support…just check out this email I received from a friend:

“Every time i’m feeling semi-lazy (like now) and have a few minutes to kill at work i slip to your facebook page and that’s enough to get me to the gym.”

TT motivates you to get to the gym!

Remember to always try and hit a personal best in each workout. This will keep you on track to transform your body.

Workout C – Booty for Lifeglute exercises
1A) DB Sumo Squat (3×8) 2-0-1
1B) Inverted Row (3×8) 2-0-1
2A) 1-Arm DB Standing Shoulder Press (3×8) 2-0-1
2B) 1-Leg Hip Extension (3×10) 2-0-2
3A) DB Curl (3×6) 2-0-1
3B) DB Triceps Extension (3×8) 2-0-1

Interval Training
Stretch Tight Muscles

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity, and download this interview to listen to while you go…

Tony Horton P90X Interview

It’s an interview with Tony Horton, and is an instant classic. Check out how the original Power 90 program was developed…bet you didn’t know it was designed for a certain rock star!

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
Do 30 minutes of activity and then plan, shop, & prepare.

One of the most common questions I get is about figuring out how many calories you need…and so I created this simple 3-step method to determining how many calories you need to lose fat.

1) Improve the quality of your current diet by eliminating added sugar and eating more whole, natural foods (fruits, vegetables, raw nuts).

Research shows that contrary to “popular gym rat” belief, that adding both fruit and nuts to your diet does not cause weight gain and in fact helps with weight LOSS.

2) Use to determine how many calories you are eating each day on your improved diet.

3) If you are not losing weight, reduce your calorie intake by 300 calories per day. If you ARE losing weight, no need to change anything.

That’s it! So much better than counting calories for the rest of your life. Eating better food and cutting out sugar will help you lose weight fast.truth about abs

Next week!
Turbulence Training for Abs
Controversial fish oil and fat loss recommendations

Have a fat burning week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training