3 weight loss secrets from Bally the Dog (workout included!)

Woof Woof!

Bally the Exercise Dog here, and since my Human is traveling again today, I thought I’d email you with 3 fitness tips to help you lose fat.

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After all, I finally figured out how to use the “Human’s” computer, but if you see any spelling mistakes, please furgive me, but my big paws aren’t meant for these small computerz.

Oh, and if you’re a cat, please stop reading. Because I don’t like you and I will chase you down if I find out you are reading this.

Okay, woof woof?


Here we go…

Tip #1 – Get your exercise in the morning

After my morning walk, I usually get a rawhide treat, and then I just lie on the ground waiting for my next walk. And while I do that, I get to listen to my Human do fitness interviews for magazines and radio stations…

…and he keeps on saying:

“It doesn’t matter when you exercise for fat loss, all that matters is that you are consistent. But when you exercise first thing in the morning, that means you will be more consistent. And being consistent is one of the most important things in your fat loss program.”

Woof, woof, maybe that’s why I get a long walk and some sprints first thing in the morning? Bark bark!

That is probably why the vet once said to my human, “Wow, your dog has six pack abs!”

Woof woof!

So if you are struggling to be consistent, get up a little earlier and do your workout before life/work/family gets in the way and stops you from getting your workout.

Here’s a fast bodyweight workout you can do in just 4 minutes in the morning. It’s perfect for this post-Thanksgiving week when you’re still trying to burn off Grandma’s stuffing and your Mom’s famous pie.

Bally’s 4-Minute Fat Burner Circuit

1) Total Body Extension
2) Jumping Jacks
3) Close-Grip Pushups or Kneeling Close-Grip Pushups
4) Run-in-Place
– Do each exercise for 40 seconds (beginner) or 50 seconds (advanced)
– Rest 20 seconds (beginner) or 10 seconds (advanced) between exercises

If you want to do 2 or 3 rounds, take an extra minute of rest between circuits.


Tip #2 – Eat 3 medium sized meals and some very healthy snacks

Since I’m a dog, I’ll eat just about anything. And that is good news, because that means I love to snack on apples, blueberries, broccoli, red peppers, and bananas.

Woof, I probably eat more fruits and vegetables than most humans, not including my Human. He eats a lot of fruits and vegetables every day, even while traveling.

And he has six pack abs too. Woof, woof, woof.

Cb abs

Tip #3 – Stay active on your off days with fun & playful activity

Even though I’m almost 10 human years old, I still get anxious when my Human leaves me alone at home and goes to the gym.

Woof, woof, woof! Bark, bark, bark! Whine. Bark Bark! WOOF!

I am sure am glad that he only goes 2-3 times per week, instead of 6-7 times per week like some folks.

On his days off, we go down by the river to chase varmints and have fun. No long, slow, boring cardio for him. I won’t allow it.

Grrrrrrrrr. That’s what I say to cardio machines. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I’d rather chase squirrels any day than get on a treadmill or one of those silly elliptical machines.

So bottom line:

1) Do short, burst workouts CONSISTENTLY.

2) Eat 3 mid-size meals and lots of whole, natural food snacks in between meals.

3) Train 2-3 times per week and stay active on your off-days.


It’s that simple.

Let me know what you think.

Bark Bark!

Your favorite doggy,

Bally the Dog
Guard Dog, Turbulence Training

PS – If you thought this was stupid…

…let me make it up to you by offering you these free workouts