Are Your Bad Habits Causing Cancer?

Are your lifestyle habits killing you? Or are they ensuring that you “live young”?

Have you ever noticed that obesity, heart disease, and cancer seem to afflict several people in the same family? Genetics are usually blamed. However, poor health passed down through generations is the result of lifestyle habits. Those who share similar habits also share the same health – bad or good. And those who make the same lifestyle changes experience equivalent changes in health – regardless of genetics.

To make a health transformation, you must capitalize on healthy habits. Two dangerous habits that are infecting Americans are habitual sugar consumption and a continual lack of moderate sunshine. Combined, these habits create an environment within your body that’s conducive to cancer growth. By minimizing sugar and exposing your body to direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes daily, you help prevent this pandemic killer from decreasing the time you can spend enjoying life.

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