Zucchini’s Little-Known Secret

Spring is finally here. Time to take the grill out and get ready for warmer weather, and fresh, healthy foods that you can enjoy until the end of the summer.

Talking about grilling and summer, there is one of my recipes that hasn’t received the attention it deserves. It’s my Grilled Corn & Summer Vegetable Salad, on page 73 of Eat More, Burn More. And it’s my wife Carissa’s favorite.

You will not find a more flavorful, yet fat-burning dish. With fresh, grilled corn off the cob, poblano peppers, nuts, plenty of herbs (check out my article and grow your own!), this is a flavorful, healthy recipe powerhouse that you don’t want to miss.

Here is why this recipe really hits home and why you should REALLY pay attention to this (check out #2 below).

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I have said many times that raw vegetables are the best. This is exactly why:

#1 They are full of flavor. A lot of the taste ends up leeching out when you cook vegetables. If you can, taste them raw for full, springy, crunchy goodness. Carrots and celery of course, but also try radishes, celery root, jicama, and even asparagus.

#2 They contain more fiber. More fiber = healthier, faster weight loss.

You see, all vegetables (especially zucchini) contain fiber. But zucchini contains “water-soluble” fiber. That’s the kind of fiber that slows down digestion (Good!) and helps regulate blood sugar levels (also good!).

Now, if you cook zucchini or other soluble fiber-rich vegetable, then that fiber just goes away (it just dissolves in water) and you’re seriously missing out on rather excellent fat-burning benefits. But, if you keep these vegetables raw, then you benefit from insoluble fiber, AND soluble fiber.

It’s like killing two birds with one fat-burning stone.

Well, my recipe is designed to make a salad out of raw zucchini, so that you can lose weight faster and more effectively.

Now, of course, I added walnuts and flaxseeds (other high-fiber ingredients), and feta cheese, which pairs fantastically with the vegetables.

Give this a try. Remember: More fiber = healthier, faster weight loss. Simple.

Helping you reach your goals,