Use this QUICK Workout to Boost Energy & Burn Fat All Day!


As an avid outdoor trail runner in Colorado there is nothing better than getting into the foothills for a run in the fresh crisp air and bright early morning sunshine.

But lately the weather has kept me from getting out — and sometimes, only a good hard run will do! This is where a treadmill comes in handy.

I love the treadmill! Seriously. And you can, too. You don’t need to feel like a hamster trapped on a wheel of boredom. My quick treadmill workout is challenging, fun and engaging… you won’t struggle with motivation in this workout.

Plus, this style of interval training segments your workload into achievable blocks of time, speed, and incline making it a more motivating and therefore, effective way to train.

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Using High Intensity Interval Training you’ll:

  • Seriously boost energy
  • Continue to burn fat even after the workout is over
  • Bust through plateaus to get twice the results in half the time
  • Look forward to your workouts

I have to admit, these type of workouts leave me super energized in a short period of time — now that is totally motivating!

Here’s one of my favorite patterns I developed years ago. I’ve used it with countless clients — from severely obese and total newbies to “long-slow cardio” addicts, and even my super fit, extreme athletes. They all love it!

It’s so versatile because you manipulate the speed, incline, and duration to your fitness level. As your legs and lungs adapt, you can challenge yourself to go faster, steeper, and longer. What a great way to see your progress in action!

 Pattern 1:
Warm-Up/Hill Climb
 Duration:  Incline:  Speed:
 Warm-up  5 min  4%  3.0-4.0
 Hill Climb  1 min  5%  3.0-4.0
 1 min  6%  3.0-4.0
 1 min  7%  3.0-4.0
 1 min  8%  3.0-4.0
 1 min  9%  3.0-4.0
 Pattern 2:
 Hill Hike
 Rolling Hill Hike  40 sec  10%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  11%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  12%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  10%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  11%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  12%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  10%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  11%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  12%  3.0-4.0
 40 sec  10%  3.0-4.0

Each Pattern takes only 10 minutes. Use Pattern 1 as your warm-up (shorten the time if you need) then roll right into Pattern 2 for a super quick 20-minute workout.

If you’re really short on time just do a quick 3-minute warm-up and one 10-minute pattern. Push yourself and make each minute count!

Balance out those intense workouts with the restorative power of Yoga!

Your body will be relaxed, refreshed, and ready for your next hard-hitting workout!