Struggle to Drink Enough Water? Paperclips Can Help

We all know that we should be drinking enough water through out the day. It provides so many health benefits like improving mental alertness, aiding in fat loss and removal of toxins, decreasing digestive sluggishness and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. But it can be hard to stay consistent all day long. This is where a few paperclips can really make a difference!

I have so many little tips and tricks to help you drink more water but you may have never imagined paperclips being involved. But bear with me, it’s actually quite an effective tool for building consistency in your daily habits.

If you’re a task-oriented type of person and motivated by visual cues or completing checklists, the paperclip approach may be the exact tool you need to help you drink more water. It’s a simple 3-step approach to completing any task or series of tasks—in this case, drinking enough water each day.


BEST. Breakfast. Ever. (recipe inside)

Step 1: Get two small, open containers or bowls. Designate one as the “To Do” container and the other as the “Done” container. Place them on your desk or where you will see them all day.

Step 2: Get some paperclips and put them in the “To Do” container. Choose the same number of paperclips as tasks you’d like to complete. (In my water example: I chose one paperclip to equal about 6 oz. water; my water bottle holds 36 oz. of water so I needed 6 paperclips to finish that bottle)

Step 3: Once you complete a task move a paperclip from the “To Do” to the “Done” container. Repeat until all the paperclips are in the “Done” container.

There is something profoundly motivating in seeing the paperclips dwindle down in your “To Do” container. It’s a subtle yet, powerful visual trigger that can help you perform a desired habit with more consistency. Not only are you reminded to start this healthy behavior; your progress is displayed which creates a cumulative effect on your motivation to finish.

Try this approach today—you can even add a dimension of fun by using colored paperclips or challenging your co-workers to keep up with your water intake goals together. Make a game of it while reaping the many benefits of being adequately hydrated on a regular basis.

Written By Missi Holt