Quick Body Shaping Intermediate Workout in Less than 20 Minutes

Time is precious! And so is your health.

I love working out, but some days I just need to get in a quick workout and get on with my day. I’m sure you can relate.

These intermediate combo moves maximize metabolic load, challenge multiple muscle groups, and cut a typical weight workout down to mere minutes. Plus, because you’re using multiple movement patterns you’ll constantly fire your core and re-shape your body in no time. Use an interval timer app to keep you on track!

Try this Intermediate Series next time you’re in a pinch: you’ll need a timer, dumbbells & a mat

2 x 60 seconds work: 15 seconds transition for a 15-minute workout

(Progress to 3 x thru = 22 min)

Squat & 1-arm Overhead Press (repeat for other arm)

Standard Pushup & Cross Body Knee Drive

DB Pullovers with Abdominal Leg Raises

Standing Bird Dogs

Sphinx Pushups

Perfect Your Form!

Intermediate Form Tips:

Squat & 1-arm Overhead Press:

 Start with feet set hip width apart, toes parallel, and core lifted.

 Hold one dumbbell up by your shoulder with palm facing in; draw shoulder blades back with chest lifted

 Push hips back and sit into a squat making sure to not allow knees to pass front of toes or chest to dip forward.

 Drive up to standing through the heels and squeeze glutes then press the dumbbell up overhead.

 Return to start position and repeat squat.

 Repeat Squat & 1-arm Overhead Press for the full timed interval.

 Repeat the next interval for the other arm


Standard Pushup & Cross Body Knee Drive:

 Begin in a standard push up stance with hands set just outside shoulders & chest drawing forward.

 Press belly and thighs up to keep you engaged and buoyant.

 Perform a pushup being sure to maintain good form from head to toe.

 At the top of the pushup, drive one knee up toward the opposite elbow then repeat for the other leg; make sure the movement occurs by engaging the abs.

 Return to a pushup.

 Repeat the Pushup & Cross Body Knee drive for the full timed interval

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DB Pullovers with Abdominal Leg Raises:

 Lay on your back with 1 DB or a weight plate in your hands.

 Hold weight up over chest with arms straight but elbows not locked.

 Lift legs up over hips with knees slightly bent

 Engage core then slowly open arms overhead as legs lower toward the floor.

 Try to open arms and legs at the same rate to keep tension on the abs.

 Contract core & drive legs & arms together back at the start position.

 Repeat DB Pullovers with Abdominal Leg Raises for the full timed interval.


Standing Bird Dogs:

 Begin with knees slightly bent and weight set in heels.

 Lean torso forward slightly with chest lifted, core engaged, and glutes tight.

 Extend right arm and leg back as left arms extends forward. Pause and squeeze.

 Return to center then perform a Bird Dog on the other side: Left arm & leg extend back while right arm reaches forward.

 Alternate sides, practicing smooth transitions and fully engage core, back and glutes.

 Repeat Standing Bird Dogs for the full timed interval.


Sphinx Pushups:

 Begin on your belly with elbows under shoulders, forearms parallel, and palms flat on mat.

 Press hips, belly, and chest off the mat into a kneeling forearm plank.

 Press into palms to lift elbows off the mat.

 Slowly lower elbows back down

 Repeat Sphinx Pushups for the full timed interval


Stay tuned for an advanced sequence tomorrow! Is this one too hard? Don’t worry!

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Written By Missi Holt