Quick Body Shaping Beginner Workout in Less than 20 Minutes

Time is precious! And so is your health.

I love working out, but some days I just need to get in a quick workout and get on with my day. I’m sure you can relate.

These beginner combo moves maximize metabolic load, challenge multiple muscle groups, and cut a typical weight workout down to mere minutes. Plus, because you’re using multiple movement patterns you’ll constantly fire your core and re-shape your body in no time. Use an interval timer app to keep you on track!

Try this Beginner Series next time you’re in a pinch: you’ll need a timer, dumbbells and a mat.

2 x 45 sec on: 15 sec transition for a 10-minute workout

(Progress to 3 x thru = 15 min)

Squat & Alternating Reverse Lunge

Kneeling Pushups with Alternating Glute Press

Sumo Squat & Overhead Press

Mountain Climber Combo: 2 Middle, 2 Cross Body, 2 Lateral Repeat

Hip Lifts & Alternating Leg Extensions


Perfect Your Form!

Beginner Form Tips:

Squat & Alternating Reverse Lunge:

 Start with feet set hip width apart, toes parallel, and core lifted.

 If using weights, hold them by your thighs; draw shoulder blades back with chest lifted

 Push hips back and sit into a squat making sure to not allow knees to pass front of toes.

 Drive up to standing through the heels and squeeze glutes.

 Shift into a Reverse Lunge stepping one leg back; drop back knee down, but keep weight on front leg

 Drive up through the heel and glutes of the front leg.

 Return to a squat then perform a reverse lunge on the other leg.

 Repeat Squat & Alternating Reverse Lunge for the full timed interval.

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Kneeling Pushups with Alternating Glute Press:

 Begin on hands and knees.

 Shift chest and shoulders forward over hands to find a ½ plank position.

 Tighten core and perform a push up by bending elbows. Maintain good form through the crown of the head.

 At the top of the push up, hold ½ plank and press one leg back behind you; foot flexed and glutes engaged.

 Try to hold pelvis neutral as you extend leg back.

 Return to the Kneeling Pushup then do a Glute Press on the other leg.

 Repeat Kneeling Pushup & Alternating Glute Press for the full timed interval.


Sumo Squat & Overhead Press:

 Begin with feet set wide, toes angled out slightly, and core lifted.

 Hold weights in front of shoulders with palms facing each other.

 Push hips back and sit into the squat. Press up through heels and glutes.

 At top of squat, press dumbbells overhead until arms are straight, then lower back to shoulders.

 Return to the Sumo Squat.

 Repeat Sumo Squat & Overhead Press for the full timed interval. Mountain Climber Combo: 2 Middle, 2 Cross Body, 2 Lateral Repeat

 Begin in a High Plank Pose with shoulders over hands & chest drawing forward.

 Belly and thighs press up to keep you engaged and buoyant.

 Alternate legs driving one knee up toward the chest then the other; make sure the movement occurs by engaging the abs.

 Perform 2 knee drives toward the chest (middle), 2 knee drives toward the opposite elbow (cross body), and 2 knee drives toward the same side elbow (lateral)

 Repeat the series for the full timed interval.

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Hip Lifts & Alternating Leg Extensions:

 Begin on your back in a bridge position (feet under knees, arms by sides, and hips lifted with hamstrings engaged)

 Lower hips to mat lightly tapping then driving back up into bridge.

 Hold bridge pose as you extend one knee straight, engaging quadriceps (front of thighs)

 Return foot to floor to repeat the Hip Lift then Leg Extension on other side

 Make sure to keep hips level during the Leg Extension

Stay tuned for an Intermediate sequence tomorrow!


Written By Missi Holt