Quick Body Shaping Advanced Workout in Less than 20 Minutes

Time is precious! And so is your health.

I love working out, but some days I just need to get in a quick workout and get on with my day. I’m sure you can relate.

These advanced combo moves maximize metabolic load, challenge multiple muscle groups, and cut a typical weight workout down to mere minutes. Plus, because you’re using multiple movement patterns you’ll constantly fire your core and re-shape your body in no time. Use an interval timer app to keep you on track!

Try this Advanced Series next time you’re in a pinch: you’ll need a timer, dumbbells and a mat

2 x 60 seconds work: 15 seconds transition for a 17-minute workout

(Progress to 3 x thru = 26 min)

Sumo Squat & Cross Press

Standard Pushup with Lateral Knee Drive (Spiderman Pushup)

Single Leg RDL & Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl

Reverse Bridge & Pike Pull-through

Side Plank with Pike Touch

Perfect Your Form!


Advanced Form Tips:

Sumo Squat & Cross Press:

 Begin with feet set wide, toes angled out slightly, and core lifted.

 Hold weights in front of shoulders with palms facing each other.

 Push hips back and sit into the squat. Drive up through heels and glutes.

 As you come up from the squat, rotate to the left, pivoting right foot & bring hips & shoulders to the right.

 Press right arm overhead until straight, then lower back to shoulders & return to center.

 Return to the Sumo Squat then Cross press to the other side.

 Repeat Sumo Squat & Cross Press for the full timed interval.


Standard Pushup with Lateral Knee Drive (Spiderman Pushup)

 Begin in a standard push up stance with hands set just outside shoulders & chest drawing forward.

 Press belly and thighs up to keep you engaged and buoyant.

 Perform a pushup being sure to maintain good form from head to toe.

 At the bottom of the pushup, drive one knee up toward the same side elbow.

 Replace the foot as you press back up.

 Perform a pushup and lateral knee drive on the other leg. Be sure to stay engage through core, pelvic floor, and posted leg for stability through the low back.

 Repeat the Pushup & Lateral Knee drive for the full timed interval

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Single Leg RDL & Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl

 Begin standing on one leg, holding a dumbbell in the opposite hand with core engaged and chest lifted.

 Press hips back to create a stretch in the standing leg hamstring as you bend over with a flat back.

 Contract the hamstrings and glutes of the standing leg to return upright.

 Step back into a reverse lunge, dropping back knee down while weight stays on the front leg.

 Perform a bicep curl simultaneously as you lunge then drive up to standing through heel and glutes of front leg.

 Repeat Single Leg RDL and Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl for the full timed interval.

 Repeat next interval for the other side.


Reverse Bridge & Pike Pull-through

 Begin in a reverse bridge position (like Crab). Start seated with hands under shoulders, feet under hips. Press hips up creating a table with the torso and thighs. Engage hamstrings, glutes, abs, and triceps.

 Lower hips, pull belly in and swing hips back and through the arms.

 Legs straighten and help to push you back & up into a Pike pull-through. Feel your core tighten as you lift

 Return to Reverse Bridge. Try to keep hips off the ground the whole time.

 Repeat Reverse Bridge and Pike Pull-through for the full timed interval.

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Side Plank with Pike Touch

 Begin in side plank with forearm on the mat; elbow under shoulder and feet stacked.

 Engage thighs and core to lift into side plank then extend top arm overhead.

 Lift hips slightly and tighten core as you bring top leg straight forward & top arm down to touch toes in front of belly (should look like a ½ Pike position)

 Return to Extended Plank position

 Repeat Side Plank with Single Sided Pike Touch for the full timed interval

 Repeat next interval for the other side


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Written By Missi Holt