Maximize Fat Loss with These 4 Quick Treadmill Workouts

As an avid outdoor trail runner in Colorado there is nothing better than getting into the foothills for a run in the fresh crisp air and bright early morning sunshine.

But my fair weather tendencies often kept me from getting out—and sometimes, only a good hard run will do! I decided I would need to develop new ways of maximizing my indoor runs without feeling like a hamster trapped on a wheel of boredom.  

I used to seriously hate running on a treadmill until I wizened up and starting making my workouts more fun, challenging, and engaging.

CONFESSION: Sometimes I even opt for a treadmill run when it’s a beautiful day out. Yikes…don’t tell anyone!

But it’s true. Using High Intensity Interval Training combined with Treadmill Hikes and other Progressive patterns I quickly realized I get twice the results in a fraction of the time. And so can you!

Interval training is so much more effective in yielding results and THAT is totally motivating! Plus, by design interval training segments a workout into achievable blocks of time, speed, or incline making the time fly by.

You’ll be more interested in working hard, and you’ll actually enjoyed it because it leaves you super energized in such a short period of time!

Ok, here are 4 patterns I developed over the past few years. I’ve used these with countless clients—from severely obese and total newbies to “long-slow cardio” addicts, and even my super fit, extreme athletes. They all love it!

They’re so versatile because you manipulate the speed, incline, and duration to your fitness level. As your legs and lungs adapt, you can challenge yourself to go faster, steeper, and longer. What a great way to see your progress in action!

Pattern 1 WarmUp Hill Climb


Pattern 2_ Hill Hike


Pattern 3_ Hill Sprints


Pattern 4_ Hill Progression

I highly recommend using Pattern 1 as the warm-up (shorten the time if you need) then roll right into one of the other patterns for super quick Fat Burning 20 minute workout.

If you’re really short on time just do a quick 3-minute warm-up and one 10-minute pattern. Push yourself and make each minute count so you can stay motivated! Your body and mind will be totally energized for the rest of the day.