Desk Yoga for Instant Relief at Work: Part 2 Video

It’s time to get up off your buns! Come on — stand up with me and do some yoga. I know you’ve been glued to your computer screen, iPad, or smartphone all day… If you’re like me, some days it’s all three!

Our bodies pay the price with lowered energy, aching backs, stiff necks, and headaches — let’s shift all that sluggish, congested energy out of the body and make space for vibrancy, clarity, and productivity!

Part 2 of my Desk Yoga Series will provide you just that — the opportunity to shift to a better headspace while relieving body aches from sitting at your desk all day.

(If you missed Part 1, click here.)

The best part about this second sequence is that you get to stand up, bend over, side bend and wake your body up! It feels so good and only takes a couple of minutes.

Here’s the written sequence for Part 2 Desk Yoga:

  • Start standing a few feet away, facing your desk
  • Inhale Arms overhead, big stretch
  • Exhale Cactus Arms, back bend
  • Inhale Arms overhead
  • Exhale fold into Puppy dog with hands on desk, breathe and hold:
    • Inhale, Lift chest, draw shoulder blades down
    • Exhale, fold and drop head
  • Inhale rise with arms overhead
  • Exhale Side bend to each side
  • Inhale arms overhead
  • Exhale fold into Puppy dog at desk, breathe
  • Cat and Cow with torso 2 times each
  • Wag the Dog side to side 2 times each — hold core tight!
  • Step right leg forward: Crescent with arms overhead into optional back bend
  • Step forward into Quad stretch — tuck tailbone down & keep knees parallel
  • Repeat Other side
  • Hamstring stretch: with foot on floor, hinge hips back, front foot flexed—both sides