5 Non-Diet Tricks that will Help You Lose Weight Faster

When it comes to losing weight, there are a few simple (and easy!) changes you can make to your daily life that will help you lose weight.

Make these 5 simple changes and you’ll be burning extra fat without giving up your favorite foods or going on a starvation diet…

I think you’re going to be delighted by the results you get—

Trick #1

The BLUE Secret

Did you know that various colors have different effects on your appetite and desire to eat?

Crazy right?

For example—research shows that the color red will actually cause you to eat MORE. That’s bad news for your diet goals.


Scientists have proven that the color blue will actually make you feel less hungry.

Blue is a natural appetite suppressor.

So—grab yourself some blue plates. Over time—because of the color, you’ll eat less and still feel satisfied. That’s great for your waistline!

Trick #2

What gets measured…gets managed (and improved!)

Another great way to lose extra fat without dieting is to get a simple pedometer. These handy little devices measure your steps and show how active you are during the day.

And guess what?

Research shows that people with pedometers (like a Fitbit or cheaper models) are 27% MORE active than people who don’t measure their steps.

That means you’ll burn extra fat!

And if you grab an extra step-tracker for your spouse, you can have a contest to see who is more active!

Trick #3

Give up your seat.

A ton of brand new research shows that sitting is BAD NEWS for your health and your waistline.

In fact, some experts claim that “sitting is the new smoking”

Sitting all day will cause you gain extra weight and feel more sluggish.

Here’s what I suggest you do…

Get yourself a standing desk at the office so you can spend part of the day working on your feet.

If you can’t get a standing desk at the office—then you should get up every 30-45 minutes and move around. Set a timer on your computer to remind you.

You’ll stay active and you’ll burn more fat.

Trick #4

SLOW DOWN to Burn Fat Fast?

You might be eating TOO fast to lose weight.

Did you know it takes up to 20 minutes after you start eating for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full?

That means, if you eat your food fast, you’ll end up eating way more than you should.

Your brain won’t get the signal to feel full in time.

This 20-minute delay is the reason why you overeat and feel bloated afterwards.

Your best bet is to slow down. Enjoy and savor all your food so your brain has time to catch up.

You’ll find that you enjoy your food more and end up losing more weight when you take it nice and slow. If you struggle to eat slowly then you should try this: eat with your non-dominant hand. Because you won’t be very coordinated or comfortable, you’ll eat more slowly and reap all the fat loss benefits.

Trick #5

The Lazy Way to Lose Weight?

This is the most powerful trick of all.

The latest research reveals that most people are actually working TOO HARD in order to get the weight loss results they want.

When I first heard this, I was shocked too. But then I took the last few months to investigate and I discovered something amazing…

There actually IS a lazy way to lose weight—and it works much better than everything else out there. So if you’re struggling to lose 10, 20 or even 30 pounds then you should definitely check out the research at the link below.

It could change your life:

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