Ab Exercises of 41 Year Old Ripped Freak

Earlier this morning two amazing things happened.

First, I gave you my 3-exercise “rip-up-your-abs” circuit. And second, here in Denver, I had breakfast two tables away from 43-year old pro hockey player, Teemu Selanne. Growing up, I used to watch a lot of hockey, and Selanne was a legend. Today, he’s an inspiration to ALL of us, because he’s holding his own in pro hockey with guys 25 years younger.

These days, age is just a number. I’ve heard from 70-year old TT clients still working hard on their abs, and we’ve had TT contest winners like Kerry Zelinka, age 51, sporting ripped abs. You don’t have to be 25 years old to have a lean, flat stomach anymore.

Recently I was in Florida with my good friend, Shaun Hadsall – whom you’ll agree is RIPPED at age 41. He promised to show us EXACTLY how you lose lower belly fat and get lean sexy abs at any age in just 12 minutes.

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Ripped at 41 years old!

I’ve also trained with Shaun in Miami, Tampa, and his home state of Michigan, and let me tell you, his workouts are short and sweet. And he’s in and out of the gym just as fast as ol’ CB.

You do NOT need to workout for hours to lose stubborn fat. And you do NOT have to do crunches. In fact, Shaun shared these 5 exercise substitutions to help you get better abs.

1) Replace crunches with:

Planks, mountain climbers, and stability ball jackknives

2) Replace cross-crunches (i.e. twisting or oblique crunches) with:

Side planks and cross-body mountain climbers

3) Replace sit-ups with:

Stability ball jackknives, stability ball planks, stability ball pikes, stability ball rollouts, and hanging knee raises.

Then combine those better ab exercises with Shaun’s SHORT-BURST system to burn belly fat. How do you do that?

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It’s one of the most thorough articles I’ve read in a long, long time. It’s even better than what you get in Men’s Health or Oxygen magazines.

It delivers the science about removing lower belly fat and it takes just a few minutes per session.


By targeting your lower belly fat with fat burning hormones. You’ll recognize some familiar tips (based on past TT training articles) BUT you’ll also discover some brand new fat burning secrets.

Combine these secrets with TT workouts to get ripped fast,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – You MUST read this article.

It’s so good that I wish I had written it.  Target your stubborn belly fat with this sexy ab system  Ol’ (young) CB and Shaun in the Florida sunshine (I know, I know, he looks like he’s younger than me, but I’ve examined his driver’s license. He really is “my elder”