7 Minute Circuit

Get ready for the Big 7 exercise, fat-burning, 7-minute circuit that you can do to kick-off another incredible week of Turbulent fat loss.

Several years ago, all the way back in 2007, I created a little circuit system called ‘The Big 5 Fat Burning Exercises‘. It quickly evolved into this 7 exercise circuit that MUST be done in this order:

Big Exercise 1 – Jump
Big Exercise 2 – Squat
Big Exercise 3 – Pull
Big Exercise 4 – Push
Big Exercise 5 – Single-leg
Big Exercise 6 – Total Body Ab
Big Exercise 7 – Interval

Let me give you an example of how this would look. Rest only where stated. The circuit takes 7 minutes – and you should do a quick 3-minute warm-up of prisoner squats, pushups, and jumping jacks (30 seconds each, repeated 2x’s).

The 7-Minute Big 7 Circuit

1) Box Jumps or Jump Rope – 30 seconds + 30 second rest
2) Close-Stance Bodyweight Squats – 50 seconds + 10 second rest
3) Pullups or Bodyweight Row or Seated Row – 45 seconds + 15 seconds rest
4) Decline or Close-Grip Pushups – 60 seconds, no rest
5) Bulgarian Split Squats – 30 seconds per side, no rest
6) Cross-Body Mountain Climbers – 60 seconds, no rest
7) Shuttle Sprints or Run in Place – 20 seconds + 20 seconds rest + 20 seconds

Whew. Done.
That’s a full 7 minute workout. If you have time, you can do up to 4 total rounds for an Ironman 28 minute workout (31 minutes total including the 3-minute warm-up).
Well, that’s a heck of a start to the week.

Just wait till I give you something to FINISH it.

Stay tuned for a very special email on Wednesday,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer