6 Minute Workout Finisher

In this free 6-Minute Workout Finisher, you’ll burn your belly fat without any equipment at all. I meant to teach this Workout Finisher on Saturday morning at the TT Summit, but our bootcamp session got hi-jacked by famous high-energy California trainer, Todd Durkin.

So instead of doing a bootcamp with me, TT attendees trained with Todd and Alwyn Cosgrove instead. Oh well, it gave me time to make my morning presentation even better. What a weekend! I even gave away a few extra awards (full list – and more photos – below). But for now, let’s workout!

(NOTE: This is NOT for beginners, sorry. Beginners must use this instead.)

6-Minute Workout Finisher
1A) Total Body Extension – 30 seconds
1B) Bear Crawl – 15 seconds
1C) Low Box Jump – 30 seconds (step-down safely: 1 foot at a time)
1D) Pushups – 15 seconds
1E) Total Body Extensions – 30 seconds
1F) Mountain Climber – 30 seconds (alternating sides)
– Advanced: Do NOT rest between exercises. (Keep on pushing on!)
– Intermediate: Rest up to 15 seconds between exercises.
– Do two rounds of the Workout Finisher in 6 minutes.
– HARD-CORE: Do three rounds in 10 minutes.

Like that Workout Finisher?

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Alright. Time for me to travel across the country today. I’m heading from San Diego to LAX and then on to Cleveland (Cleveland Rocks! Hot in Cleveland!) for the weekend.

…and then finally home to the farm for “Dog Owners Day” on Sunday. I hope ol’ Bally the Dog bought me something really nice…although

he’ll probably just get me Stinky Breath like every other year. Take care!

Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Did you hear who won the awards at the TT Summit?

Rookie TT Trainer of the Year was…..Nestor Flores, CTT, of Fresno

#1 Client of the Year was…..my friend of 33 years, “J-Roc“
And the TT Trainer of the Year was…

I’ll reveal that tomorrow!

I will tell you though, that the TT Trainer of the Year LOVES these 6-Minute Bodyweight workouts.

Here are some more photos of what you missed at the amazing TT Summit weekend in San Diego. Make sure you join us next June for an even better event – we’re already planning it out.