I have great news for you today if you LOVE ‘forbidden foods’ like pizza, burgers, cake, or Peanut M&Ms (like I do). You see, back in the day the legend was that you should only have one ‘cheat’ meal per week if you wanted to lose weight.
That’s a bummer, huh? Just one cheat meal meant you had to be an angel for more than 6-and-a-half days per week. Yikes. That’s tough.

Fortunately, breakthrough new science proves that you can cheat once every five days, and at EVERY meal on that fifth day, while still losing fat. You can read about it here.

Not only does this new strategy speed your weight loss, but it guarantees that it’s almost 100% pure fat (we always lose a little water weight, too). Plus, by cheating every 5th day, you prevent your metabolism (the number of calories you burn each day) from s-l-o-o-o-o-w-i-n-g down.

Of course, I’m not satisfied just getting amazing results when I know that we can do even better. So here’s a quick 5-10 minute workout that you will do first thing on your cheat day to stimulate even more fat loss. It’s the perfect combination of metabolism-boosting, booty-tightening, ab-flattening moves that works best with this Fast Fat Loss Cheat Diet System.

The Rockin’ Abs & Fat Burning Bursts Cheat Day Workout
1) 90% Pushup Rocking Plank – 45 seconds
2) Jumping Jacks – 45 seconds
3) Cross-Body Mountain Climber – 45 seconds (alternating sides)
4) Double-Jump Burpee – 45 seconds
5) Crushing Plank – 45 seconds
6) Total Body Extension – 45 seconds

– Go through the circuit one to two times with no rest between exercises.

– Rest 30 seconds at the end of the circuit.

Start your day with that workout. Then enjoy your cheat meals. Put that on a 5-day rotation and you’ll lose fat faster than ever. That’s the SYNERGISTIC combination of diet + forbidden foods + fun NO-equipment workouts.

Want to know exactly what to do on the other 4 days of the week?

Click here for the Fastest Five Day Fat Loss Cycle Ever

Do this for 5 weeks in a row and you could drop 25 pounds in 25 days.

Kick start your cheat day fat loss with this one,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – The People In Your Life Are Important!

Who you associated with is more powerful than you can imagine.

Do not accept anything less than the best – otherwise you are cheating yourself out of the life you deserve.

When you spend time with successful people, you become successful.

You can’t expect to soar like an eagle when you are hanging around with turkeys, so you must eliminate negativity, criticism, and temptation from your life, and fill your friendships with positive expectations, support, kindness, caring, and energy.

You can do it. There are great people out there that want to help you.

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. Craig has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine for over 17 years. Today he teaches his gift to high-performing entrepreneurs how to squeeze more out of their days, increase their income, and make more quality time for their families in his Perfect Life Workshop and Work-Life Mastery programs. Craig used his own advice to overcome crippling anxiety attacks in 2006, and he'll teach you his 5 Pillars of Success so you can increase your income, decrease your work time, and live the life of your dreams. Learn more about Craig at craigballantyne.com

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