5-Minute Awesome Abs and Arms Bodyweight Workout

Wow, oh wow, what an awesome Abs & Arms workout!

As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” and that was true on Saturday morning in my hotel room in Toronto. You see, ol’ CB forgot his workout shorts at home, and I don’t think that folks would have been too happy to see me flippin’ and a floppin’ around in my tighty whiteys in the hotel gym. (J/K, you know I don’t wear those!)

I really wanted to do some advanced abs and arms moves in the gym, but I was stuck in my hotel room and forced into a bodyweight circuit. Fortunately I always have a few bodyweight tricks up my sleeve. By the time I was done a few rounds of this circuit, my triceps were tight, my biceps were pumped, sweat was pouring off me (even though I had the air conditioning cranked at 68 degrees Farenheit), and my abs were rocked.

5-Minute Awesome Arms and Abs Circuit

1A) Total Body Extension
1B) 1 & ½ Rep Close-Grip Pushup (hands shoulder-width apart)
1C) Bodyweight Squat-Curl
1D) Plank-to-Triceps Extension (can be done kneeling)
1E) Rocking Plank

  • Do each exercise for 60 seconds with NO rest between exercises.
  • Do up to 4 rounds of it if you’re advanced. But even if you’re pressed for time, a single circuit will help you burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get back in shape.

Note: “1 & ½ Rep” pushups mean you lower your body all the way down, push halfway back up, then lower all the way back down, and then push all the way up. That’s one rep.

We do all of these exercises in the videos here

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See you soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Want some simple diet advice?

  • Eat more protein (fish, chicken, meat, eggs, whey protein, etc.).
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts.
  • Eliminate 90% of the sugar from your diet.
  • Eliminate dairy and grains if these irritate your digestive system (as they do to me).
  • Avoid ALL processed foods from a bag or a box.
  • Don’t drink calories (no sugary coffees, sodas, juices, etc.) with the exception of protein shakes (as needed) and 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day (but understand alcohol won’t help with your fat loss).

Bottom line: Eat real food like a real person. Nutrition is simple stuff. Set your diet rules, plan ahead, prepare your meals, and enjoy feeling better and looking younger.

Eating the right foods can be more powerful than taking the right medications.

Choose wisely. Live better. Stay strong. Push on.