5 Foods I’ll Never Eat Again

You’re about to discover 5 foods that I’ve rarely – if ever – eaten in the last 5-10 years. Plus, you’ll also find out about a couple of minor diet mistakes I made this weekend in Los Angeles…
…and why I’ll never make those mistakes again.

In fact, I’m “going public” and telling you I’ll never eat these foods again, and I want you to hold me accountable. After all, there is nothing more effective than social support and accountability. Now here’s why I’m avoiding these foods…

1) French fries

You can put a plate of fries down, and amazingly I’ll eat only two(as I did this weekend). But why are french fries on my list? Because they contain trans fats. DEADLY Trans fats.

For the sake of your health, you MUST avoid ALL foods that contain trans fats, as there is NO healthy intake level. Start by ditching the fries.

2) Factory farmed fish

What do you get when you cram thousands of fish into a small fenced in area? A disgusting fish farm. You do NOT want to know the details.

Unfortunately, Men’s Health reported that 90% of salmon in stores and restaurants is harvested from overcrowded fish farms.

And I made the mistake of eating farmed salmon this weekend. It was late, and I was hungry, tired and unprepared. That combination led to a badsplit-second decision where I ordered salmon – and the menu did not identify it as wild salmon. My mistake. I won’t do that again.

3) Canned tuna

This one is a bit of a joke entry…since I’ve never, EVER had a can of tuna. And I can’t stand it when someone eats it (out of the can) in closed-quarters, like one trainer used to do in the gym! So gross!

(Besides, the mercury content in canned tuna often exceeds healthy levels for women and children.)
4) Juice
I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of juice. You know why? It’s liquid sugar. No better than a soda. It instantly sends my bloodsugar through the roof and leaves me feeling tired. Avoid juice if you want to lose fat and have all-day energy.

5) Cheez Whiz/Cheese Spread

Ok, that one is really obvious and totally gross. I just think its funny to get you to say, “Cheez Whiz”. So let me think of a better one…actually, let’s hand it over to our
friend Isabel De Los Rios. She has a video that shows you”four foods NEVER to eat” plus a bunch of other fat loss tips.
So here’s the cutest nutrition expert in the world with a free video to explain why you should avoid those four foods. Just click on the cute image of Isabel (and her son) below to watch the video here.
Make the right food choices for health and fat loss,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training
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  • Roger

    No fruit juice ever again? Wow

  • Annie

    To me, it just seems logical to want to avoid all these foods, but apparently not! My husband loves each and every one of them! And eats them on a regular basis! In fact, before he met me he NEVER drank water! ONLY juice or soda. At least now he is starting to make some little changes. They’re little changes, but a little is better than none at all! And I think gradually people make changes and before they know it, they’re 180 degrees from where they started!

    • Annie, that’s right, baby steps and try to improve everyday. At least, get him to try to improve everyday. And make sure you lead by example and are loud and proud of what you are doing. Good luck!


  • xena

    omgggggg! I always thought canned tuna was the bomb…yeah a tickin’ bomb!!! So only fresh or frozen tuna huh??

  • Winner

    This article is stupid. French fries yes. Juice yes. What negative effects did eating the salmon have? It’s a better choice than fried chicken fingers wouldn’t you say? Who eats cheese wiz? I mean this article is more of a joke than any kind of substantial information that I can use.

  • Nils-Magne

    I do read your posts frequently and agree with most of it, but this time I
    have a question:

    You say that
    *2) Factory farmed fish *

    What do you get when you cram thousands of fish into a small fenced
    in area? A disgusting fish farm. You do NOT want to know the details.

    And my question is this: What is the difference between factory farmed fish
    and the holy grail of food for a fitness person, the chicken breast??
    I would think the number is higher for factory farmed chicken than factory
    farmed fish,.

    Please explain the “bads” and the difference.

    I do see environmental considerations but not anything connected to


    • Hi Nils!

      You are right, ‘Factory farmed meat” in general should be avoided. And I do avoid that.

      As for the specific fish example, because they live in a concentrated area, there is a high concentration of fish waste that the fish live in. Much like factory farmed animals. Plus, factory farmed fish also receive poor quality feed.

      I brought up fish because most people think salmon is the healthier option (because of healthy fats), and never consider the source. They don’t realize that fish are also factory farmed.


  • Interesting list, thanks!

    Here are my 5:
    1. ANYTHING (MRPs, protein powder, protein bars or other sugar-free foods) with chemical sweeteners, eg, aspartame and sucralose
    2. hot dogs and other processed meats that contain nitrites
    3. packaged things like crescent rolls and biscuits – don’t know what the heck is in them.
    4. grocery store-bought bread, especially white bread! – thyroid and adrenal issues, so I stay away from grains anyway. Will enjoy a slice of great homemade bread at a restaurant once a year or so.
    5. canned tuna – I spend ~$100 a treatment for chelation (to have heavy metals removed from my body). Why put them back in with canned tuna?

  • C-Muscles

    Red wine has a lot of health benefits means “antioxidants”. The only difference between Red grape juice & red wine is what? Alcohol! The 1 thing in wine wine that is bad for you. Next thing you know your going to tell me beer is bad for me. OMG!

    • I did not say it was bad for health, but it is not good for fat loss. So yes, juice, really.

      • C-Muscles

        Thats some great self control! But, it has resveratrol which prevent wrinkles! I try to have 4-6 oz a day. The only real time I have juice is when I make home made fruit smoothies! They are so good! Plus they taste good. With all the fiber canceling out the carbs I should be fine taking my shirt out and having lean abs like you or a 12 pack,hah!

  • There are brands of canned salmon and tuna that are not farmed. Wild Planet for example sources its fish from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. And because Wild Planet practices sustainable fishing, they catch only smaller fish which substantially lowers mercury levels – less than half that of the national brands.

  • What kind of negative affects will factory farmed fish have on the body?

  • John B

    Ok, I hear this about “juice” all the time, but what about something like, NAKED? NO SUGAR added, no high fructose corn syrup, or that crap and a couple varieties are very high in FIBER, 5 – 8g per serving. I sometimes like to include in my post-workout recovery meal/drink.

    Please comment Craig, thanks!

    • John B, after a workout might be fine, but not otherwise. I believe those drinks contain 33 g of sugar per bottle.

  • Controversy = Comments!

    For me its a good, better, best approach.

    Good might be tinned salmon.
    Better might local farmed salmon.
    Best would be local wild salmon.

    All three beat a Big Mac and fries!


  • L

    This article has some irresponsibility about it.

    Mr Ballantyne assumes that we all go out of our way to eat food that isn’t prepared by us and is made by large companies who compromise the intended nutrition of foods.

    If you make your own french fries, you can avoid trans fats by cooking them in olive oil or some other vegetable based oil. Alternatively you can use sweet potato and shape them like French Fries. There are always alternatives in store or you do it yourself. It would be more constructive to supply details on good alternatives just like David Zincenko’s book Eat This Not That. Sometimes you want to have a bit of a break and there’s nothing wrong with that as shown by Joel Marion who eats pizza from time to time and still looks amazing.

    Eating Wild Salmon – isn’t it bad enough that our world fish supplies are running low and now the writer suggests we go and kill every fish in the wild to satisfy ourselves? That’s what you’d have to do if everyone went for wild salmon. Is it not more effective to target the producers of farmed fish and get them to change their production/farming methods rather than wreck our eco system? We’re not the only animals that eat fish. What happens when we take all of the wild salmon from the bears and other animals that eat them? Depending on where the salmon is farmed, you can find that the quality of the salmon is just as good. Also with Wild salmon, who knows what diesases they carry? Did they swim near a toxic waste dump before returning upstream? You have no idea.

    Canned Tuna in moderation has been proven to be ok as part of an overall diet. If you can’t afford fresh fish, this may be the only way some people can get their share of fish/omega 3’s and other nutrients in a reasonably priced package. Not everyone has bulging pockets of money to go and buy fresh fish every day or expensive fish like salmon.

    As far as juice goes – if you squeeze or blend it yourself then there’s no added sugar and no preservatives or other nasties. To totally cut out fruits if this is how you want to take them is wrong. I put blueberries, bananas, strawberries, oranges, passionfruit and/or other fruits – whatever is in season into a blender and make my own smoothie. Sure there’s sugar in them, however it’s never as high as those in factory made juices from the supermarket. If you like some more flavour, try adding cinnamon which has been proven to be an anti inflammatory agent for the body and has lots of great health properties.

    With so called cheese based products, I can’t stand them either, however the key to behavioural change is to find and equivalent that is suitable and works so that you can wean yourself away from them if you want to. I used to drink lots of soda and more than four years ago and to move away from them I looked for substitutes such as sparkling mineral water (you have the effect of bubbles, minus the sugar) and then moved to plain water. Sometimes the process of moving from one thing to another requires intemediary steps or substitutes. So with Cheeze wizz and stuff from a can, it’s a case of finding a substitute that is similar but healthier and eventually moving away.

    It is unfortunate that perhaps Mr Ballantyne has not eaten these products to the point that some people have experienced whereby they are “addicted” to them. If you have ever been in this situation you will understand how powerful they are and how difficult it is to move away from them. It’s like any other drug – whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, coca cola, etc. Once you’re hooked, it takes a lot of willpower and behavioural change to succeed. Often it’s the case of finding a trigger that motivates someone to move away from and towards to something better.

    In my humble opinion, eating foods is always about balance. I grew up in an era of a serve out of the five food groups with less fats and more veggies, however nothing was ever said to be bad, it was always about balanced eating and matching it with decent exercise to keep the body fit and strong.

    I have no affiliation with any food companies or manufacturers, I just want to see that Mr Ballantyne presents a more balanced view of things.

    I would like to see a constructive reply, however I’m not sure that this will be deleted as it is opposite to what has been written!

    Cheers and good health to all.

    • John B


      You’re so off base here.

      This was a short article about why these commonly eaten foods can have negative impact on health and fat loss, period.

      I’m sure Craig will solve the world’s fish problems, personal addictions, finding the best cheeze whiz, and sharing with us how Joel Marion continues to look “amazing” even though he eats pizza.

      By the way, did you SEE Joel in his 1k Challenge videos? Looks like he’s been enjoying a few too many pizzas to me, just saying.

      • L

        John B,

        Thanks for your comments.

        I think you forget that people are following Mr Ballantyne’s systems and procedures. In effect when he states something, people are likely to follow. If he says he won’t eat this or that, it is likely that people following his systems or diets will also then look to emulate him to achieve his results. It is unfortunate that the view is one sided. The problem is that people often forget that everyone comes off a different base/starting point and sometimes following something without full consideration can be dangerous.

        The writer DOES NOT state that the TITLE of this is an article on why these foods have a negative impact on health. The title of this blog is “5 Foods I’ll never eat”. In his email he states:

        “And if you want to add your “forbidden foods” to my list, stop by my
        blog here: => http://www.ttfatloss.com/diet/5-foods

        It states that it is 5 Foods he will never eat again and unfortunately the title of the URL is “Foods to Never Eat” which suggests that you should follow him too because of the supposedly negative impacts.

        However if you prepare some of the foods yourself, which you can, the overall impact is minimal.

        The comments Mr Ballantyne makes has repercussions given the extent of his reach and his “believers”.

        What I am saying is that some of the foods that he suggests are “BAD FOR YOU” depend on the source. He is really only deferring to commercial operations where the food is pre prepared for you. If you start with the raw ingredients then you won’t have that problem.

        If I take the example of fruit juice, natural fruit juice you squeeze yourself has sugar but it offers significant benefits which have not been considered. The benefits of vitamin c and other antioxidants and minerals and fibre will vastly outweigh the sugar content of juice from an apple or orange. The view is very one sided.

        French Fries that you make yourself will NOT HAVE TRANS FATS if you make your own and cook them in olive oil. And if you use sweet potato and bake it in an oven in a french fry shape then you again don’t have this problem.

        If you read this link http://blog.seattlepi.com/environment/archives/140320.asp it actually states that WILD salmon has THREE TIMES more mercury than FARMED salmon! I’m also sure you can find some articles that say the other way, so the view presented is one sided and unbalanced. You really won’t know where from the wild the fish came and the levels of mercury in the waters and the fish unless you did your own chemical tests every time you ordered salmon!

        In any case I’m asking that Mr Ballantyne be more responsible in his blogs and consider the impact of what he says. Like any business, there is a level of social responsibility in what he presents and does.

        You are entitled to your opinion and I have mine. You should respect my opinions as much as I respect your suggestion that you believe my comments are off base. That’s free speech in operation. Everytime someone suggests something to you, you should however analyse properly, not just follow what someone says like a herd of cattle or sheep. Thank you for reading!

  • No more canned tuna…ah! I just bought a ton of it because I thought it was good. That’s a total bummer, but very good information. It seems like even with our best attempts if we’re not careful we can consume more ‘harm’ than good.

    The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to watch the nutrition and do the right kind of workouts. I just watched a great video, by Craig Ballantyne, the creator of turbulence training about an awesome circuit exercise routine.

    Great stuff. I’ll watch the mercury. Thanks

  • Here are my 5 that I avoid:
    1. Butter
    2. Doughnuts
    3. All fried foods
    4. Processed meats
    5. Sugary cereal

    • Interesting, I don’t avoid butter, but avoid 3 & 4 all the time, and let myself have a little of #5 once every couple of months. Thank you.

    • I avoid margarine, but not butter.

      I prefer organic butter, but it’s not a must.

  • C-Muscles

    Unless all the people forgot Craig does this diet for fat loss. This blog is great! It’s show how much people don’t know.
    1) cheese can lead to fat gain(hard to believe)
    2)sugar even fruit sugar which is a complex carb can slow down fat loss.(even with all that fiber)”fruit is very healthy though.” But, I need engery & protein doesn’t really do it.
    3) canned tuna is fine in low amounts. Google it; something like 2-3 small cans a week is fine.
    I for one love to using butter(the one with healthy fats(yes they do make healthy butter))
    Thank you once again Craig!

  • Molly

    I thought it was a great article! So many people have no idea what a transfat is and how many foods they are actually in and they continue to feed this food to thier children! If people actually knew that trans fat is linked to heart disease because of the inflamation is causes in your body, they wouldn’t even consider eating themselves, let alone feeding it to thier loved ones. Yet you can find transfats or even thier cousins(cottonseed oil, sunflower oil,corn oil..etc) in just about every home. Don’t be fooled, these cause the same amount of inflammation as trans fat. Also, when a box is marked ‘trans fat free’ each portion size can still have .5 gram of a transfat and the food companies do not have to advertise that, thier solution is to make the portions smaller.

    Its a very great point to make about the salmon, sure when we go to the grocery its easy to buy the wild caught(not that much for expensive than farm raised) However when health conscious friends of mine go out to dinner, they tend to forget about where thier food sources are coming from. This was a great reminder.

  • Shawna Smith

    Craig’s information ROCKS!! The most effective training I have done in 20 years. Results I did not think I wcould ever achieve.
    SO much mis-information out there. Craig really delivers.
    THANK YOU!!!


  • DJ

    I worked on an off shore salmon ‘farm’ in Eastern Canada and Craig is right, farmed salmon is disgusting. Once, we had to ‘harvest’ the salmon quickly because disease was spreading in the cage. You’ll want to eat wild salmon whenever possible.

    • DJ, thanks so much for your input! Really appreciate it.