5 Foods I’ll Never Eat Again

You’re about to discover 5 foods that I’ve rarely – if ever – eaten in the last 5-10 years. Plus, you’ll also find out about a couple of minor diet mistakes I made this weekend in Los Angeles…
…and why I’ll never make those mistakes again.

In fact, I’m “going public” and telling you I’ll never eat these foods again, and I want you to hold me accountable. After all, there is nothing more effective than social support and accountability. Now here’s why I’m avoiding these foods…

1) French fries

You can put a plate of fries down, and amazingly I’ll eat only two(as I did this weekend). But why are french fries on my list? Because they contain trans fats. DEADLY Trans fats.

For the sake of your health, you MUST avoid ALL foods that contain trans fats, as there is NO healthy intake level. Start by ditching the fries.

2) Factory farmed fish

What do you get when you cram thousands of fish into a small fenced in area? A disgusting fish farm. You do NOT want to know the details.

Unfortunately, Men’s Health reported that 90% of salmon in stores and restaurants is harvested from overcrowded fish farms.

And I made the mistake of eating farmed salmon this weekend. It was late, and I was hungry, tired and unprepared. That combination led to a badsplit-second decision where I ordered salmon – and the menu did not identify it as wild salmon. My mistake. I won’t do that again.

3) Canned tuna

This one is a bit of a joke entry…since I’ve never, EVER had a can of tuna. And I can’t stand it when someone eats it (out of the can) in closed-quarters, like one trainer used to do in the gym! So gross!

(Besides, the mercury content in canned tuna often exceeds healthy levels for women and children.)
4) Juice
I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of juice. You know why? It’s liquid sugar. No better than a soda. It instantly sends my bloodsugar through the roof and leaves me feeling tired. Avoid juice if you want to lose fat and have all-day energy.

5) Cheez Whiz/Cheese Spread

Ok, that one is really obvious and totally gross. I just think its funny to get you to say, “Cheez Whiz”. So let me think of a better one…actually, let’s hand it over to our
friend Isabel De Los Rios. She has a video that shows you”four foods NEVER to eat” plus a bunch of other fat loss tips.
So here’s the cutest nutrition expert in the world with a free video to explain why you should avoid those four foods. Just click on the cute image of Isabel (and her son) below to watch the video here.
Make the right food choices for health and fat loss,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training