42 Million Americans Make This Exercise Mistake

Every year 42 million Americans make this workout mistake, according to the latest issue of Men’s Fitness magazine. You’ve probably made the same mistake. Perhaps you started running too much, too soon, or too often, and suffered from runner’s knee, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, and stress fractures. I hope not, but…

…even I made the same mistake. After gaining 7 pounds in my first 4 months of college, I vowed to get back in shape when school started again in January of 1995. And I did. I got back int the gym on a regular basis and running miles and miles each week.

Soon my knees were sore from pounding away on the pavement of Hamilton, Ontario’s streets and the bike trail leading down to the small town of Dundas (where sometimes I would jog to the beer store and walk back…hey, just being honest!).

Fast forward to the summer of ’95 – one of the greatest summers of my life. My mom got me the best student job in town as groundskeeper at the factory where she worked. Each morning I drove around the factory to pick up the garbage – listening to Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” or humming that catchy theme song to the then hit-TV show Friends. I then spent the rest of the day on a riding lawnmower cutting the grass.

Out in the sun, watching pretty girls walk by on the sidewalk, and being able to hang out with two of my best friends who had summer jobs inside the dirty factory, made life nearly perfect, except that my knees still ached from running. It made climbing in-and-out of the work pick-up truck and on-and-off the lawnmower a real pain.

I also lost muscle mass. I got weaker. I was slower on the soccer field that summer, even though my coach was impressed with my off-season training ‘cardio’ regimen.

This was when I discovered the futility of cardio. It was one of the biggest lessons of my life, both personally and professionally. I returned to school in the Fall of 1995 vowing to find a better way to exercise for fat loss and a lean, sexy body. I got my first Personal Trainer Certification, but I knew there was something wrong with the organization’s focus on cardio for weight loss.

So I devoted my life to changing the fitness industry. It’s taken nearly 20 years, but you have to agree, the world has finally come around to my way of thinking. These days everyone knows – or at least has the feeling – that cardio is over-rated for fat loss.

You’ve discovered the power of bodyweight workouts for weight loss. You’ve lost inches, you’ve increased your energy, and you’ve changed your life.

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PS – Dream Big!

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