4-Minute Leg Muscle Miracle Workout

Hey, you want to try one of the 4-Minute Miracle Bodyweight Workouts that I just added to the Home Workout Revolution program?

This one is intense. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. I think you’ll enjoy this one, but trust me, it gives my legendary “Punisher” workout a run for its money.

Here we go with…

The 20-10 “4-Minute Leg Muscle Miracle”

1-minute Punisher style squats
2-minutes Switch lunges
1-minute Punisher style squats

There is NO rest in the 4-minutes.

You just give it and go…and give it!

That’s a perfect way to finish any workout. (You can add this on to some of the 12-minute or 15-minute NO-equipment routines in the Home Workout Revolution program, or just do it on its own when you have a really, really busy day.)

Make sure to watch the video version and see me struggle through this one. That 4-minutes is tougher than it sounds.

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“I just wanted to say I completed the beginner section and I am greatly enjoying the workouts. I like the fact that the workouts are short but they are not easy and I am already getting compliments on my weight loss. Thanks Craig for a very effective program.” – Chris Cox

“I love the Home Workout Revolution program!!  I already feel stronger. I love working out with you and your certified TT team! Watching the videos is like getting a personal trainer to come to my home 3 times a week, to help me work out and motivate me to keep going! So far, I’ve lost 3 of the 20lbs I need to take off, and I will soon see AWESOME Results! Thanks Craig!! – Michelle Hayes

“I’ve been using the Home Workout Revolution program for a few weeks now and have to say that I’m seriously impressed. There is such a wealth of quality information and workouts included with this program.  The emphasis on good form during the exercises is making a big difference to my training and the videos provide much needed motivation when training solo.

I’ve recently started my own business so time is an issue but with this system there are no excuses! It fits in great with my other training too (hills sprints, kettlebells etc) and I also use some of the exercises for a functional warm-up in my martial arts sessions. The program is great value for money and definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in my fitness training.” – Andy Goodwin

“Hey Craig, First of all I would like to compliment you on the HWR program. From the videos, to the manuals to the recipes and diet info, this is a lot of information for the price. The videos have really helped to do the exercises, and the short nature of the workouts helps my schedule. I have two kids, 4 and 2 who wear me out. I have also incorporated the shakes as my breakfast of choice. Great way to get spinach in my diet. Keep up the good work Craig; I enjoy your positive and enthusiastic attitude in your TT materials and ETR.” – Ronny Redd

I’m happy to help! This HWR project has been a Labor of Love and is literally the BEST program I’ve ever created – even better than the 24/7 Fat Loss Workouts.

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Let me know your favorite 4-Minute Miracle Workout,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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