4-Minute Pushup Test Workout

It sure would have been nice if I could have stuffed this ONE piece of really cool equipment into my luggage.
Unfortunately, there was no room for my TRX. If you’ve ever wondered how to do TRX workouts, or if you don’t know all 191 exercises go here:
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Since I didn’t have my TRX, I used a swing set for some of my upper body workout. It was an upper body challenge performed on my final day at a campground near Trakai, Lithuania.

The Lithuanian 4-Minute Pushup Test and Swing Set Workout

1) 4-minute pushup test
– Do as many repetitions as possible in 4 minutes.
– You can use any set-rep-rest combos that you want.
– I did mostly 30 seconds of pushups and 30 seconds of rest, except for the last minute where I did 5-10 seconds pushups and 5-10 seconds rest.

My Total = 101 reps

2A) Swing Set Pullups – using the swing set crossbar
2B) Swing Set “TRX” Ab Fallouts (using the swings)

3A) 90% rep Close-Grip Pushups (come only 90% of the way up)
3B) Swing Set “TRX” Bodyweight Inverted Rows

What a view! Fresh air! Great sunrise.

Push on. Stay strong. (More motivation below…)



Another cool workout coming soon,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Today’s Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Get up earlier. Attack your #1 priority when willpower is on your side. Achieve a victory first thing in the morning and use this momentum to keep going and have your best days ever.