4 Aggressive Approaches to Warding Off Cancer

Everyone has cancer. Johns Hopkins recently reminded us of this fact while studying how most of us beat cancer’s deadly outcome: the immune system. When it identifies a cancerous cell, it attacks and eliminates it from the body. But every now and then, this system gets hoodwinked by rogue cancer cells.

Rogue cancer cells have the ability to become invisible and, therefore, overcome our immune-system defenses. This superpower of theirs helps them invade other regions of the body. Internally, we become a playground for cancerous infection and disease. Slow death ensues.

To beat rogue cancer cells, you need to eliminate their ability to become invisible to your immune system. What keeps cancer cells out of sight? Trophoblast cells. You can expose cancer for what it is by boosting your pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes eliminate trophoblast cells and thus reveal to your “immunity radar” any underlying cancer cells for eventual eradication.

Several natural medicines that attack trophoblast cells have been identified. The most effective are flavonoids found in broccoli, whey isolate, B-17 from the apricot seed, and curcumin.

Considering their aggressive attack on invisible cancer cells, boosting pancreatic enzymes should be a daily habit for anyone who wants to ward off the everyday occurrence of cancer.