3 Reasons NEVER to Drink Bottled Water Again

A few weeks ago a good friend came to me with a problem. Her husband, having just turned 40, was feeling down and out. She was worried about him. Not only was he getting fat (despite eating “clean”), but like Austin Powers, he had lost his MOJO!

I asked a lot of questions. Was he drinking again? No. Was he doing a lot of cardio? Nope. Was he reading too many Nicholas Sparks books? No again.

“He’s doing everything right,” she said. “He goes to the gym, he eats every meal at home, and he’s even replaced his Diet Coke habit with 6 bottles of water a day.”

“A-ha! It’s elementary, my dear Bally,” I said to my sidekick, Bally the Detective Dog.

“It’s those darn plastic bottles. They are deadly in so many ways…”

You see, there are 3 reasons why some of America’s biggest cities — New York, Seattle, and San Francisco — have banned the use of government funds to purchase bottled water, and why over 15 schools in North America have stopped selling bottled water.

Reason #1 – Plastic Chemicals Mess With Your Health & Hormones

Research shows that plastic water bottles contain nasty chemicals, including phthalates, BPA and others that leech from the bottle into the water (especially if you re-use the bottles).

These chemicals interfere with your fat burning hormones and decrease testosterone in men. Yikes!

Reason #2 – You Are Getting RIPPED-Off!

A study from the National Resources Defense Council found that 40% of all bottled water was simply… Tap Water!

Makes you want to shake your head… and your fist. Big companies are taking FREE tap water, putting it into dangerous bottles, and selling it to you for an arm-and-a-leg. That’s highway robbery, but even more dangerous, because…

Reason #3 – The Water in Bottled Water is NOT Safe!

Research funded by the US government found that over 20% of bottled water contained dangerous levels of contaminants. These include significant amounts of pharmaceutical drugs, cancer causing by-products, heavy metals, and even radioactive isotopes.

Unless your goal is to develop radioactive-induced superpowers, like Spiderman or The Hulk, then you need to ditch the plastic bottles for good.

And when you do…

Guys, you’ll get your MOJO back and start gaining lean muscle.

And ladies, you’ll finally start burning belly fat again.

It’s that simple.

And fortunately there are 2 brand new breakthrough devices (far superior to the counter-top water filters) that eliminate these hazardous chemicals from your water in just a few seconds.

Arrow pink  The first one is for your kitchen…

Arrow pink The second one you can take with you ANYWHERE

Even on an airplane!

And that’s what I need because I travel so much (going to hit over 100,000 miles again this year… and boy are my arms tired, LOL).

Use one of these solutions and give up plastic water bottles for good. You’ll be so much healthier… and guys, your x-drive will be back and you’ll start gaining muscle and losing fat again.

And that’s the cold-as-ice-cold-water TRUTH.

Stay strong and keep pushing on,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS – Never Fear
Don’t get upset that you are not on a straight line to success. Everyone’s journey is a zig zag. The key is to get back on track as soon as you can, to get the support and accountability you need to stay as straight as possible, an action plan to keep pushing you forward, and an incentive awaiting you at your deadline.

Struggle strong. Stick to your vision.

And never, ever give up on what is important to you.