3 Muscle Building Tips

This is so much easier and much more fun than fat loss.

Building muscle lets you lift heavier, be a meathead, and even eat more (I’ll teach you the Perfect-Protein-Timing System below). What a beautiful world it is when you want to build muscle!

Now that I’m back in Canada from Italy and on my regular lifting routine, it was great to hit a heavy weight training day on Sunday morning. I just started a brand-new 4-week program from my top-secret “TT S&M Series“.

Easy, easy, that stands for TT Strength & Mass. Get your head out of the gutter. I’m working on this advanced program for a New Year’s release to TT Platinum and Lifetime members only…because it is so advanced.

Sunday’s workout at the local YMCA included squats, bench press, and a unique new set & rep scheme for deadlifts that allowed me to lift more than ever before. Looking forward to sharing that in the final 12-week manual.

The workout also included a new muscle-building technique that I’ve been using for the past few months. It’s included in the latest TT Meatheads PUMP program here.

Tip #1 – Use Rest Pause Sets

Sunday’s workout included this 5-minute bodypart blitz superset:

3A) DB Chest Press rest pause drop set
3B) T-Bar Row rest pause drop set

Here’s how rest-pause training works:

  •     Pick a simple exercise (i.e. chest presses are good, squats are too advanced for this technique)
  •     Pick a weight you can do 8-15 times.
  •     Do your 1st set, then rest 20-30 seconds.
  •     Do a 2nd set (you’ll get about half the reps as you did in set 1), then rest 20-30 seconds.
  •     Do a 3rd set, (again, getting about half the reps you did in set 1).

That’s it. It’s a great way to add muscle-building volume.

You’ll see exactly how to use this technique in the TT Meatheads PUMP workout. It crushes all other muscle-building programs thanks to its unique combination of upper and lower body gauntlets, classic lifts, and amazing vein-popping supersets.

Just wait till you get your hands on one of my favorite Meatheads programs of the year…

Inside you’ll discover how to take your body through “fun” muscle building pumps while gaining incredible strength and sculpting ripped muscle at the same time.

Take workout B, for example, the “Sweet Sixteen Quad-PUMP & Ab Annihilation” workout featuring a unique TT twist with four muscle blasting supersets to help get you defined legs, ripped abs, and immense strength.

Let’s just say this is only the beginning as the other two workouts, including the ‘Total Body Meathead Arm Pump’, deliver similar PUMPS and results.
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Tip #2 – Get Stronger

The stronger you are, the more you lift. The more you lift, the greater the tension you put on the muscles. The more tension on the muscle, the more your muscles will grow.

It’s that simple. BUT…we must be careful. You must lift with perfect technique. TT is a conservative way of training…and this year I figured out a way to deliver big strength gains safely – the 5×5 system.

Of course, I modified the classic 5×5 system to give TT muscle builders an even better way to get big AND strong at the same time.

In fact, I’ll even say it’s that my 5×5 system – used in TT Meatheads 5×5 – is the BEST system yet, showing you how to DOUBLE your strength while putting on lean muscle that makes you look jacked.

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Tip #3 – Time Your Protein

One of my best friends in the science world is Dr. Stuart Phillips. A hard-nosed rugby player, he’s currently teaching in the UK, but was a mentor of mine back when I was a grad student at McMaster University here in Canadia.

Dr. P is a leading researcher in how to build muscle with the right protein sources. He’s proven that small doses of whey protein (20 grams at a time) provides the optimal muscle-building stimulus.

Here’s how your protein intake should look:

  • Breakfast – 20g of protein (i..e. from 3 eggs – 7g protein per egg)
  • Mid-morning – 20g of protein (i.e. from whey protein)
  • Lunch – 20g of protein (i.e. from salmon, chicken, pork, or beef)
  • Pre-workout – 20g of fast-acting whey protein like this one (my favorite)
  • Post-workout – 20g of whey protein (same as pre-workout)
  • Dinner – 20g of protein (same as lunch)
  • Pre-bed protein – 20g of whey protein

A TT reader over on the TT Facebook page asked what diet change to make when building muscle. Here’s the answer:

If you are not gaining muscle now, add 500 calories per day (mostly carbohydrate, some protein, some healthy fat). If that doesn’t work after 2 weeks, add another 500 calories to your diet.

The best time of day to add your calories is to breakfast or to your pre- and post-workout shakes.

With those three tips, and my latest and greatest three new TT Meatheads workouts, you’ll have no problem building muscle.

By the way, women love the TT Meatheads workouts too. They are not just for guys. Women LOVE to train hard, and as long as your diet uses the Perfect-Protein-Timing System, you will only get lean and you will NOT gain fat.

So let’s do this Team Meathead! Let’s get strong, sexy, lean, and muscular.

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Stay Meathead,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Just wait till you try the workout called “Pumptitude”…

Here’s why…you’ll get the classic upper body pump you love, but you’ll also notice one NEW method – 1⁄2 reps.

If you look at the chest press exercise, you’ll only do the bottom half range of motion, while using lighter weights, slightly higher reps, and limiting your range-of-motion so that you put more tension on the pecs. This is GREAT for muscle growth.

That’s just one of the new “Meathead” methods I’m playing around with, and you can use this to a lot of other exercises in this program.

Combined with the 6-minute chin-up challenge and your arms will be “swole” as the kids like to say.

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Add in the Leg Blaster and Pull & Pump days for total body development and you’ll be celebrating your NEW muscle – built fast – with TT

Meatheads 9: Spring Training. Here’s what one TT Member had to say about the program:

“After 2 weeks, I noticed some of my golf shirts that used to fit me didn’t quite fit me anymore. They were snugger in the chest and shoulders area. I definitely saw some visual improvements. My wife even commented my chest has gotten bigger. A nice ego boost for me.“ – Blake Linklater, TT Member