3 Diet Tips for Avoiding Candy

Your sweet tooth craves it, but your body doesn’t need it. I’m back today with a QUICK question for you…

What healthy foods do you have that can replace candy…

for example, Frozen bananas, dates, what else? Or what do you do to avoid eating the candy in your house?

Thanks. You are awesome for helping me help a client with their problem.


Tunya Sytsma -I don’t keep any of that in my house. On a cheat day I pick up what treats I want for that day and only get enough so it will be gone by the end of the night.

Samuel T. Gaines – Peanut butter with an apple.

Ron Rittenhouse – Grapes, prunes or a dried fruit nut mix from a local supermarket bulk bin.

Novan Pradhika Sachrudi– Frozen blueberries and grapes, dehydrated fruits. Mmm!

Andrea Pisac – thinking about it as replacement is a problem in itself, in my opinion. my experience has been that when I eat balanced meals with enough protein, healthy fat and complex carbs (enough of it), all the cravings disappear. whenever I have cravings, it’s because I had been eating too little carbs overall. in terms of fruit, I think the best bet are all the berries (they have the least sugar content but are delicious)…

Glenda Watt – I chew copious amounts of sugarfree gum. When that doesn’t do, I make popcorn in a paperbag in the microwave and eat it plain or with some Tabasco Sauce.

Elizabeth Vannasdall Crawford – Greek Yogurt with pb2 (powdered peanut butter), SF chocolate syrup and chopped walnuts!

Kim Scullion My favorite is apples and almond butter. But go to isabels page under discussions, there’s a ton of recipes like coconut bark 🙂

George Young Jr – I am lucky that my wife and I are on the same eating pattern so we just don’t have anything in the house. I will grab a handful of almonds and raisins in a pinch but other than that if I want a “crap snack” I have to run the 3+miles to the store to get it and run back. Downside is no one comes to visit because they know there are no snack or soda at our house

Shawn Tambeau – Craisins. Their tartness tends to be a great substitute for the tart candies I used to enjoy on a daily basis

Andrea Sambar -A glass of ice cold water + any type of cold fruit. Cold somehow suppresses my sweet tooth dramatically.

John Hagley– I usually only crave sweets after a big dinner. I find that brushing your teeth after dinner kills the craving cause it freshens your mouth with that minty flavour, and usually people don’t want to eat anything directly after cleaning their teeth. It kind of signals that eating is done.

Jose Carrillo– The best thing that I have seen work is to avoid sweets altogether. Stay away from fruit even though its good for you. It still seems to trigger the want for more sweets. I have tried it with most of my clients and after a few days they say the sweet tooth is gone. I say eat more veggies and seeds. Stay away from sweets period until the fat loss goal is reached.

Molly Pettigrew Piercy -I drink water with l lots lemons and stevia..tastes exactly like lemonade..also, for a quick craving snack ill take a teaspoon of almond butter and cover it with organic dried cranberries (craisens wld work too) and eat it right off the spoon. Only 1 though!!!

Claudio Espnioza -If I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it. I stopped going to the supermarket. Instead, I go to a fruit and vegetable store and a butcher shop. As a substitute, I eat unsalted sunflower seeds.

Brian Fitz – I second the peanut butter & apple! And for those with little kiddies that I need snacks handy – I designate a specific drawer in the kitchen for the treats they like. Out of sight, out of mind. Plus, my kids get pissed when I eat their stuff. 🙂

Tim Peach -You need to be more specific with what your client reaches for when they want something sweet… then look at why… then you can work with her strategies to overcome the cravings… not everyone elses.

John J O’Connell IV- Fat free cottage cheese, fat free Greek yogurt and chocolate protein powder. mix equal portions. My choclate addict wife loves it.

Suzy Stout ‎ -87% Dagoba dark chocolate bars. It only takes a small square to satisfy a craving and it’s actually good for you. Otherwise, keep candy in the freezer if it is in your house. That way you don’t see it and it takes extra time and effort to actually eat it.

Paula Georgette Ristevski -Natural organic peanut butter smeared on bannana. The best!

Ryano Tandayu– Fruits: mango, pineapple, orange, strawberry, banana, apple.

Ryan Denis -Frozen blueberrys along with frozen strawberries are amazing!! My sub for candy.

Sabrina Tomasi – I think it all depends on why your eating the candy. Is it because it is crunchy or sweet or a habit hand to mouth? I have noticed for me to curb any type of craving is to have something that has a strong flavor and a strong crunch. I have noticed the Kashi or praeventia bars are very tasty and crunchy

Allison Ivory Holt – I buy the kids stuff I don’t like and keep it in a low cabinet, where they can easily get it but not in my line of sight. I really have to really be looking to find it. Or up above the refrigerator where, again, I have to get a chair to get it. Giving up diet Coke has really tamed my sweet tooth.

Shelly Duniphin -I use crystallized ginger. It is sweet but has enough of a bite to it that you can’t eat very much. Plus you get the health benefits of ginger.

Tim Hunt -I’ll snack on almond butter, red grapes, raspberries, pickles, or a handful of honey roasted pumpkin seeds in plce of candy. I need to start doing what John Hagley does though, that’s a smart idea! Eat dinner, then brush teeth afterwards.

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Have a totally amazing weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Simple Nutrition