TT 2K11 Workout Report Card

You won’t see any other fitness expert put their reputation on the
line like this by giving their own Workout Report for their programs.

But today I’m going to give you the eagerly awaited, no-holds barred
review of the 2011 roster of Turbulence Training Workouts. I point
out my mistakes in this completely transparent evaluation of all my
monthly workouts.

Not every workout passed with flying colors, but there were a few
big and pleasant surprises from last year’s roster – plus a few
totally LEGENDARY workouts.

Now you might find this a little shocking. Why would an expert
point out his flaws?

Well, because, it is my moral responsibility to come through for
you, my friends, and even my family members who use these workouts
for their health and physical transformations.

I also owe it to myself. Just as Dr. Evil didn’t go to Evil School
for 6 years to NOT be called Dr., I didn’t go through 4 years of
Kinesiology, 2 years of a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology,
and over a dozen years of training clients to NOT be the very best
that I could be at helping YOU get results through fast, fun,
effective workouts.

It is my reputation – and pride – on the line with each and every
monthly TT workout, and this Report Card puts me in my place.

Last but not least, if the roles were reversed, I’d appreciate
companies who I bought from doing the same for me, being honest and
open about what their best products were and which ones aren’t so
hot. It’s only right.

The Grade of each workout is based on customer feedback, my opinion
of the program, my expectations for the program, and how many
Transformation Contest winners used the workout.

Here’s the TT Report Card.

Jan. 2011 – TT 2K11 – Grade A

Each January I put together the latest “Flagship” version of
Turbulence Training and give it the TT 2K moniker (simply
representing the year it was created). Two of my first, and BEST
programs ever are the TT 2K3 and TT 2K4 programs from the main
Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual that almost every TT reader

TT 2K11 is not just a compilation of what worked best for TT
readers in 2010, but also what has worked for me in my own personal
workouts. This first workout of the year is the benchmark Grade A
for all that follow.

Feb. 2011 – TT Ballantyne’s Day Muscle Massacre – Grade A-

After October 2010’s “TT Resistance Evil”, my evil twin bru Braigz
CallEntyne came back from the dead to bring you the Ballantyne’s
Day Muscle Massacre workout. This is an advanced workout featuring
the ‘Monster’ circuit where you hit squats, deadlifts, AND bench
press. Get ready to be sore. But love it at the SAME time. Again,
NOT for beginners…so more accurately, I’d give it an F for
beginners and an A+ for advanced.

Bonus March 2011 – Beginner Total Torso Training 2K11 – Grade C

This is the second ultra-beginner Total Torso Training workout I
created (following January 2010’s TTT workout). It’s not bad, but
not great. A good place for an obese person to start, but nothing
to get excited about. Then again, it was just a bonus workout, so
it didn’t have all the ‘pressure’ of pleasing all TT members.

March 2011 – TT Switch – Grade B-

Personally, I think this is a great workout, but my opinion is not
been shared by the majority of TT readers. No matter how much I
promote this to TT members as a great program, few take me up on
the chance to use this workout. Heck, I think that the cover alone
deserve an A+. But alas, it earns a tentative B-, to be revisited
if I can get a few more TT members to try out this unique program.
It’s so named because it switches up the traditional TT workout
order. Also, despite the low rating it’s not going to stop me from
creating a TT Switch 2K12. Watch for this new and improved version
for all TT members soon.

April 2011 – TT SuperChargerz Workout – Grade A

How can I give a collaboration with John “Roman” Romaniello
anything less than a grade A? This was the fourth workout that
Roman and I worked on together (along with three Clash of the
Titans programs) and all of them have rocked. In fact, Clash of the
Titans 1 is one of the most popular TT programs ever. If you’re
looking to get rid of the final 5, 10, 15 pounds with 4 advanced
workouts per week to ignite your fat burning, this is one of your
best bets.

May 2011 – TT Metabolic Resistance Training – Grade A+ (Legendary Status)

Each year this is ONE workout that changes the game in Turbulence
Training. In 2009 it was TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks. In 2010,
it was TT Bodyweight Cardio 3, and in 2011 without a doubt the
game-changer was TT Metabolic Resistance Training. It’s tough, it’s
unique, and it’s just downright awesome.

I had a lot of fun putting this 4-day per week program together,
and TT users have had even more fun doing the workout. It combines
two MRT days with two Metabolic Conditioning days for amazing fat
burning results. This is easily the third best-selling TT program
in history behind the original Turbulence Training for Fat Loss and
TT 6-Month Deluxe Bodyweight Manual. Look for more TT MRT programs
in 2012 (including the recently released TT Muscle-Metabolic
Resistance Training).

June 2011 – TT for Meatheads Lucky #7 – Grade B

You don’t know how much it hurts me to give a TT Meatheads program
a B grade, but that’s what it honestly deserves. Why the B grade?
Because looking back, I know this program was rushed. It could have
been another Grade A Meathead program if I just had a few weeks
more to get TT Meathead Mike ready for his Vegas vacation. But that
said, this program will still help you Get Muscle. Get Sexy. And
Get Lucky.

July 2011 – TT Buff Guys and Hot Gals – Grade B

Aargh, I just cannot seem to improve the original TT for Buff Dudes
and Hot Chicks program (February 2009) as much as I try. This was
my 4th attempt, and despite being just as good, if not better, than
TT Transformation I through III, this program still doesn’t
outshine the original from this category.

The TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks remains the most popular
program among TT Transformation Contest winners AND is the program
that almost all TT members go to when they want to get as lean as

Don’t get me wrong, this workout still rocks, but I can’t give it a
Grade A because the original program set such a high benchmark. In
any other category it would be at least an A-, if not  a regular
Grade A program, but not when compared to TT BDHC

August 2011 – TT for Abs 2K11 – Grade C (Biggest Letdown)

My biggest disappointment of the year. Back in September 2007 I
created a legendary program called, TT for Abs. I remember an
ex-girlfriend yelling at me for the soreness inflicted upon her abs
by that program – but snuggles, as my friend Roman would say, for
the changes it gave to her body.

I was hoping for the same results with this program, but alas, no
snuggles. Feedback has been sparse from TT Members and no TT
Transformation Contest winners have used this program to claim
their $1000 grand prize. Despite what I thought were some really
cool unique ab exercises, it looks like TT members do not agree
with me, and it’s back to the old drawring board.

If you disagree with other TT members and agree with me instead,
please let me know and maybe this program will get upgraded to a B
or B+.

September 2011 – TT Super 6’s – Grade A (Surprise of the Year)

Your feedback to this workout made my year. I was shocked at how
many TT readers were overjoyed to finally have a 6-day per week
program featuring six short workouts. If you only have 20-30
minutes each day to workout, this program is for you.  Looking
forward to bringing you TT Super 6’s 2K12 this year.

October 2011 – TT Metabolic Finishers – Grade A-

The only factor that brings this program down is the post-TT MRT
hangover. That workout was an extremely tough act to follow in the
MRT category, but these workouts will kick your butt and leave your
muscles burning for hours afterward…all in a good way. If you love
workout finishers and metabolic resistance training, then this
workout might even register an A+ on your personal scale. Please
let me know what you think of it.

November 2011 – TT Bodyweight Cardio 400 – Grade B+

Another program with a hard act to follow, the TT BWC 400 falls
under the shadow of the TT BWC 3 from June 2010. While it still
contains a new version of my trademarked 5 rounds of 5 circuit,
plus a variety of other bodyweight only (no-equipment) workouts, it
still wasn’t enough to earn A+ status. But if you want to replace
boring cardio AND even interval training with bodyweight-only
exercises, then this is your solution.

December 2011 – TT 15-Minute MRT – Grade B+

The only reason this doesn’t get a Grade A is because all of these
sessions are only 15 minutes long. I suppose that could be a very
good reasons for giving it an A+ grade, but I know many TT members
want slightly longer workouts. And yes, you won’t get super-maximum
results in just 15 minutes. BUT…this is a perfect A+ for those who
have super-crazy-busy schedules, or if you just happen to have an
extremely busy month coming up.

So there you go.

Each year I write one program that becomes LEGEND. This year it was
the TT Metabolic Resistance Training program.

Each year has one workout that is an incredibly pleasant surprise.
In 2011 it was TT Super 6’s (you just LOVED the six short workouts
per week).

And each year one program fails to meet my expectations.
Unfortunately, this year it was the TT for Abs 2K11 workout.

I promise I will do better in 2012. In fact, so far this year, in
2012, I’m five-for-five with ALL of the workouts I’ve created so
far earning at least an A, and a couple of A+’s. Look for more
great TT programs coming very, very soon.

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Happy Ballantyne’s Day,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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