21 pounds in 21 days

The Done-for-You Fat Burning System to Maximize Your Metabolism and Get You Back on Track for Good

Guest article by my favorite nutrition expert, Isabel De Los Rios!

If I told you I had a magic fat loss pill that could instantly start melting fat off your body, would you take it?

Or would you be mad at me for not telling you about it sooner?  Ha!

Well, I’m kidding about the pill, but only “kind of”.

You see, today you’re going to discover my top-secret fat burning diet and exercise tips. And while these methods may not come in a pill, they are still a PROVEN magic fat-burning solution for you.

Please don’t be mad at me for not giving you this sooner, but I needed to test these THREE key methods with hundreds of select Beyond Diet members in order to deliver the perfect solution to YOU.

And what I’ve through these experiments is that once people make the decision to lose weight, they want to start seeing results immediately…and I mean immediately…such as losing a pound of
belly fat every single day.

Sounds unreasonable and impossible, right?

Well, hold on…First, let me explain why this is NOT unreasonable.

The good news about this is people who start to see dramatic changes in their body instantly are more likely to stick to their healthy eating program for longer periods of time.


Because results are motivating and once you see how great your body starts to look, you want to keep going!

Now if you were able to lose 30 lbs in 30 days, would that be motivating?  Would that make you want to keep going???  I know you’re nodding your head and shouting “YES!”

So here’s another important fact…

Not only is the pound per day goal reasonable, but it’s also possible.

There are strategies you can use to shed fat off your body FAST.

I’m not talking about anything dangerous or detrimental to your health and your body. Instead, we’re talking about simple, easy to use principles that will get your metabolism cranking in an accelerated way…and yes, this WILL happen within days.

Now for even more great news:

You see, about 6 months ago, I really started thinking about two simple nutrition truths for fat loss…

#1 – You want to see instant results.

#2 – My studies have shown me NEW and IMPROVED accelerated fat burning methods that can be used to shed fat fast.

After a bit more reflection and testing, I also discovered:

#3 – You don’t have time for a lot of thinking, calculating and guessing or whether or not something is going to work.

So I asked myself…

What could I give YOU that would help you to start seeing a dramatic difference in your body immediately?

What could I give you that was safe yet incredibly effective at delivering you the fat loss results you are after?

What could I give you that did not require a lot of work?

The answer quickly become obvious.

I could give you…

  • Completely Done-for-You meal plans using my newly discovered top-secret fat burning methods.
  • The exact food combinations, ingredients, and portion sizes to help you boost your metabolism and burn fat faster than ever.
  • Shopping lists and recipes that go along with those meal plans so there is no confusion at the grocery store or in the kitchen.
  • The EXACT exercise program that you need to ENHANCE the fat burning power of the Done-for-You meal plans guaranteed to reshape your body in all the right places.
  • Detailed exercise video demonstrations so you can Follow-Along in your workouts with me – and so that you can SEE exactly how to do each and every fat burning movement – no more relying on blurry pictures inserted into cheap e-books.
  • A brand new audio coaching program so that you can have me right there WITH you every step of the way every single day, helping you clearly set your goals and stick to them.

Bottom Line:

This program is as DONE-for-YOU as humanly possible!

And while this program required 6 long months of painstaking research, it was worth your wait. You now have EVERYTHING you need to finally accomplish record-setting fat loss results.

It’s all about my THREE key tips that make up the foundation of my rapid fat loss program, and they are revealed here:

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You will love this program because it is exactly what you have wanted and needed for so long. It gives you ALL the answers.

And you’ll see almost instant results (and YES, even up to one pound of fat loss per day for some)

Now you’ll know EXACTLY what to eat at every single meal. No more guesswork, no more making bad diet decisions, and no more screwing up when you are away from home. (I’ll tell you exactly what to eat every day)

But hurry!


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Just imagine…losing 21 pounds in 21 days without thinking, starving, or
stressing. It CAN be done.

So treat yourself to the best gift you can give yourself in 2013…loving how you look and feel by losing 20-30 pounds of fat in less than a month.

Your friend and coach,

Isabel De Los Rios

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You can still get amazing results before Ballantyne’s Day,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS- Some people mistakenly refer to Ballantyne’s Day…

…as Valentine’s Day.

Ignore them. They are getting their V’s & B’s mixed up.

Feb. 14th is definitely Ballantyne’s Day and will come with a very special workout this year!