10 Minute Bodyweight and Muscle Building Workouts

What a way to spend a beautiful California afternoon! We just put 7 new Level-2 Certified Turbulence Trainers (CTT’s) through the official “20-10 Punisher Graduation” workout. It went like this:

1) Prisoner Squats (2 rounds )
2) T-Pushups (2 rounds)
3) Total Body Extensions (2 rounds)
4) Pushups (2 rounds)
5) Swing Lunges (2 rounds)
6) Mountain Climbers (2 rounds)
7) PUNISHER SQUATS!!! (8 rounds)

Everyone finished because they used today’s kick-butt mindset tip:

“Try, fail, learn, keep going, keep pushing, stay strong, get stronger, fall down, rise up, adjust course, & success will be yours.”
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Hope you join us. I promise to Punish you too if you do! haha.

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Looking forward to it,

Craig “The Punisher” Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Ooops…

…I promised a unique 10-Minute Muscle Builder, and here it is. Let’s say you just had ten measly minutes to do a total body workout and you wanted to get stronger and build muscle. What would ol’ CB do?

I’d hit the RACK for TT Torture.

That’s right, the Squat Rack for Squats and Pull-ups. Here’s how the exact TT Torture Rack 10-Minute Muscle Builder would go down:

– All sets performed to one repetition short of failure
– Increase weight with each set of squats (use 25 percent less weight than normal for Squats…be conservative)
– Use perfect form on every repetition
– Take about 2 seconds for the lowering phase of each exercise
– No rack? Use DB Goblet Squats
– Can’t do Pullups? Use Bodyweight Rows or Pulldowns0:45: Warm-up Squats for 15 reps

1:15: Two Pullups (lowering portion only)
1:45: 15 Pushups
2:30: Warm-up Squats for 12 reps
3:00: 1st set Pullups
3:45: 1st set Squats for 12 reps
4:30: 2nd set Pullups
5:15: 2nd set Squats for 10 reps
6:00: Rest and Shake Fist at Craig
6:30: 3rd set Pullups
7:15: 3rd set Squats for 8 reps
8:00: 4th set Pullups
8:45: 4th set Squats for 12 reps then reduce weight by 50 percent and do as many reps as possible until 10 min is up
10:00: Cuss at Craig (optional)

Enjoy. LOL.

I would love to hear how this goes. Tell me in person here:

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Craig Ballantyne

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