#1 Training Tip of the Year

Men’s Health magazine had me working on my “best of list” for their annual awards issue, and yesterday I was busy writing up my Supplement of the Year, Trainer of the Year, Equipment of the Year, and more.

Picking the Training Tip of the Year was tough. There were so many cool methods that we used in 2013 to help our clients burn stubborn belly fat.

But in the end, I picked a method that you can use to boost muscle endurance, burn fat, and build more muscle. The #1 training tip of the year does it all.

It’s called “Rest-Pause Training” and involves doing an exercise to near failure, resting briefly, and repeating the exercise, resting briefly again, and then repeating the exercise one more time.

Essentially, you’re cramming 3 sets into 1.

Here’s how it works for improving muscle endurance. Let’s say you want to boost your push-ups from 12 per set to 20. Using the Rest-Pause system:

  •     Do 12 pushups.
  •     Rest 20 seconds in a kneeling position.
  •     Do as many pushups as you can to failure.
  •     Rest 20 seconds.
  •     Do as many pushups as you can to failure.

That’s it. You’ll love the feeling of fatigue you have, and this ‘extended set’ method will quickly boost your pushup performance.

Here’s how it works for boosting fat burning. It works best with total body exercises, like Prisoner Squats, Total Body Extensions, or Burpees.

  •     Do 40 seconds of the exercise.
  •     Rest 20 seconds.
  •     Repeat 2 more times.
  •     BOOM. Plenty of ways to build that into the HWR workouts or as a TT workout finisher.

Finally, here’s how to use the Rest-Pause system to build muscle. I used this yesterday here at the Intercontinental Hotel Gym in Toronto while doing incline dumbbell press in a TT Meathead Upper Body workout.

  •     Pick a weight that you can lift 12-15 times. Go one rep short of failure.
  •     Rest 20 seconds.
  •     Do as many reps as you can. (You’ll probably get 6-8.)
  •     Rest 20-30 seconds.
  •     Do as many reps as you can.

Done. That’s a great method to use in your 2nd or 3rd exercise of the day in a muscle building program.

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