#1 Rule When Eating Grains, Rice, Bread, Etc.

“Do I have to give up bread & rice to lose fat?” is one of the most common nutrition questions I get.

So today we’re going to cover “grains and fat loss” with the help of my friend & nutrition expert, Isabel De LoRios.

Now I know most of you are being told that you can’t eat any grains, but Isabel will surprise you.

And at the end of today’s lesson, I’ll tell you what I think…

But first, what does Isabel say? Well, she wants us to know:

1) Not all carbs are the same but you don’t need to go low-carb

The good news is that there are plenty of healthy carbohydrate and grain options that fit into your fat burning meal plans.

2) Brown Rice is good for fat loss meals, but white rice isn’t.

Now you probably knew that…so let’s get more specific…

Isabel says the reason why white rice is bad news for fat loss is because the healthy bran layer and the germ are removed. So you lose the fiber and are just left with the starch.

And you and I both know that without the fiber, even eating a huge bowl of white rice can still leave you hungry.

So that’s the BIG problem with ALL processed carbohydrates, from white bread to white pasta to potatoes without the skin. You lose the fiber and are left with the starch, and you stay hungry and get hungry faster.

3) So the #1 rule is to keep the fiber in your grain choices.

“Fiber helps you to feel full for a longer period of time and if you are not hungry and feel satisfied, it’s much easier to stick to your healthy eating than if you are starving all day,” Isabel says.

Plus, Isabel adds, “Fiber also helps to control blood sugar fluctuations and as you’ve learned in my nutrition book, the secret to weight loss is keeping your blood sugar and your insulin under control all day long.”

4) What types of rice does Isabel recommend?

i) Basmati Rice

Isabel says brown basmati rice might even be better than regular long grain brown rice.

ii) Black Rice

Cultivated in Asia, this rice is typically sold as an unmilled rice, meaning the fiber-rich black husks of the rice are not
removed, making black rice very high in fiber.

(This one is a staple in the TT Kitchen! One of my favorite winter meals is vegetarian chili and black rice on a Sunday afternoon while watching football. – CB)

iii) Jasmine

Of course, Isabel recommends the brown version.

5) Now for the big question – how much rice should you eat?

Isabel says, “a ½ cup to a cup of brown rice is a great carbohydrate choice in your lunch or dinner alongside a tasty protein (maybe some wild fish) and some yummy vegetables (possibly some sautéed spinach).”


Craig here again…

Perfect info. Thank you Isabel.

Now you’ll notice Isabel really only had a chance to cover rice and basic carbohydrate recommendations…there’s just not enough time or room to do everything else.

She didn’t get a chance to cover quinoa – the high protein grain – and some of the other lesser known, delicious grains that you can eat on a fat burning meal plan.

I highly recommend Isabel’s program. I promise it will work for you to help you lose stubborn belly fat.

(By the way, Isabel just had a baby and within weeks she was back to her old clothes…it’s amazing what you can do with the right nutrition…check out her site for a picture of her and her baby.)

Click here for Isabel’s website

In conclusion…

The bottom line is this:

The #1 rule is to keep the fiber in your grain choices.

And that’s what I do…sticking to brown rice pasta, black rice, and even my flax meal bread.

Combined with my meal plan built on the fat loss foundation of raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts, it’s impossible for me to get fat. My body will always be lean.

And you can have a lean body – while eating grains – too.

Just use Isabel’s meal plans.

And just say no to low carb,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS