#1 cardio machine to avoid

Let’s fire up a Classic Cardio Controversy from Craig…

…because it’s the day after American Thanksgiving and I just know that so many TT readers are going to make a huge Cardio mistake today…

You’re going to use this silly machine and you’re going to think it’s “working”. But it’s not. It’s lying to you.

And one of my Certified TT Trainers has research to prove it.

But first, here’s an interesting story…

Six years ago, in mid-October 2007, I was in the Tampa Bay Airport Marriott Hotel (funny enough, I’m writing this email to you from Gate A6 in the Tampa Airport as I wait for my flight to Houston).

Back in 2007 I was at a fitness seminar here in Tampa, and I got cornered by a Doctor. He told me how he had read my recent article about elliptical machines being a joke for fat loss…

…And he totally agreed. He added, “Since I switched to TT style training, I feel much better and I’m losing fat.”

But most folks aren’t like that doctor.

They still believe in the cardio myth.

Here are the shocking facts from Kate that will change your mind:

Cardio Machines Lie About How Many Calories You Are Burning!

  • Treadmill: Overestimated calories burnt by 13%
  • Stationary Bike: Overestimated calories burnt by 7%
  • Stair Climber: Overestimated calories burnt by 12%
  • Elliptical: Overestimated calories burnt by 42%

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Kate was also a trainer in one of the world’s most important fat burning research studies. Back in the early 2000’s, she helped Professor Steve Boutcher in Australia to compare short, burst workouts against cardio.
Subjects who did 40 minutes of slow cardio three times per week for 15 weeks didn’t lose a single inch of stomach fat. Shocking.

However, subjects that did ONLY 20 minutes of interval training, three times a week reduced their belly fat (and thinned their thighs).

(Reference: Trapp, E.G., Chisholm, D.J., Freund, J., Boutcher, S.H. (2008). The effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise training on fat loss and fasting insulin levels of young women. International Journal of Obesity. 32(4):684-691.)
That’s just more proof that cardio fails.

Kate knows this, and as a Certified TT Trainer she’s put together the best fat loss accelerator circuits to help you lose 15 pounds of holiday fat in 21 days.

It’s an advanced plan, but if anyone knows what they are doing for rapid fat loss results, it’s Kate.

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Ditch the cardio confessional with the help of a Certified TT Trainer,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – I bet you want to know…

…What I ate for Thanksgiving dinner at Joel Marionz. No, it wasn’t a turkey made out of BioTrust protein bars…and there was no BioTrust cookie pie.

But, it was a fantastic meal.

We ate around 4pm and had the best, most moist  turkey I’ve ever had in my life (nice work, Poppa Frank Delzotti!). I also had several helpings of mashed sweet potatoes. It was like dessert for dinner.

It made for a guilt-free Thanksgiving because of my high-fiber, high-protein, no liquid calories approach to dinner, plus skipping dessert (no room in the Inn!), and a post-dinner walk with Joel and his oldest daughter, Lilly.

I even did some babysitting, and I’ll show you a picture tomorrow.

Until then, train harder and smarter, and don’t believe the cardio confessional hype. You cannot burn 1000 calories in 30 minutes. The machines LIE. Cardio LIES.

Here is the #TRUTH about losing holiday belly fat