3 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Finances in Check—While Getting Money Back

It’s the question on every startup owner’s mind: “What can I use to pay for all this?” As an entrepreneur, I’m quite familiar with that struggle. When I started my business, I knew I had to get creative to make sure everything was paid for on time and in full. My...

5 Business Growth Tips from a $3 Billion Real Estate Visionary

“Every distraction costs you a fortune,” my friend Sharran Srivatsaa said to me on a beautiful SoCal morning. We were at the Newport Beach offices of his new project, Kingston Lane, a company that is developing an app to help real estate agents generate new leads....

4 Easy Decision-Making Trees That Make You More Efficient

I'm going to be honest with you. I wasn’t always the most efficient person, either at home or at work. I used to say I work best under a short deadline, but in reality, I was once the queen of procrastination and left things until the last minute. Then, predictably, I...

Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Fast is Only Sometimes a Good Idea

In 2014, The American Community Survey revealed an alarming statistic: Of all mortgage-paying homeowners in the U.S., the median home loan debt was $122,000. Even worse, the study showed that more than 50% of mortgage-paying home-owners had 2/3 or more to pay of their...

069 – Millionaire Mindset

Here’s separates average people from rich, successful people. It comes down to two words: The Right Money Mindset and Strong Millionaire Habits. If you don’t have these success secrets, then you MUST listen to this show where you’ll get the biggest takeaways from some of my billionaire friends, like Jesse Itzler, as well as other Empire builders like Ed Mylett, Amanda Bucci, and Sharran Srivatsaa, one of my clients and speakers at the Perfect Life Retreat. This is a deep dive into the incredible “unreasonable thinking” that is the foundation of success for most high performers. Forget about the HUSTLE AND GRIND and step up to the next phase of your evolution.

068 – How to be Resilient—Whatever You’re Facing

Too much of what derails our success is our own inability to be resilient in the face of struggle and adversity. Stacey Copas faced this very thing and has spent years teaching others how to practice resilience to keep their lives—and success—moving forward.

067 – From Introverted Jerk to Much Better Man

This is the most embarrassing podcast you’ll ever hear from me. It starts with the Introverted Jerk story and gets worse before it gets better, but eventually reveals my stunning transformation and victory over social anxiety to become an author, speaker, coach, and 7-figure business owner. The bottom line: If I can do it, you can do it. Find out how to change your life.

066 – Job Interview Secrets: How to Hire – and Get Hired – in The World’s Most Competitive Job Market

If you need to hire fast, or get hired fast, then you need to listen to these high-energy job interview secrets from 10X entrepreneur, Sharran Srivatsaa. He grew his real estate company from $300 million to $3 billion (10X) in just 5 years, and along the way hired hundreds of team members. You’ll learn what to do – and what NOT to do – as both an interviewee and interviewer. Find out the game changers, the deal breakers, and everything in between.

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