How to Come Up With an Idea that Will Make You Millions

When people start a business for the first time, they often do so with an idea for a particular product that they believe to be both brand-new and also acutely needed – some sort of “better mousetrap” that will put their business on the cover...

7 Unconventional Success Tips I Stole From People Way Smarter Than Me

When I was a young(er) man, my grandfather's job as the VP for a major medical device sales company treated our family to a yearly vacation at Kiawah Island, South Carolina. For those of you who've never been, Kiawah is the sort of place Jordan Belfort would have...

8 Books that Changed My Life in 2018

When asked, “What superpower would you want to have?” by a student at Nebraska State University, billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates both responded with a rather unconventional answer. But before I reveal that, how would YOU answer that questions? If you could...

How to Get Rich, Make Millions, and Live the Dream (As an Employee)

It’s commonly said that you can’t get rich working for someone else. That the only way to achieve financial independence is to own your own business. This idea feels true when you are stuck in a thankless job, working long hours for mediocre pay. But it’s nonsense....

093 – Redemption Transformation: How to Go From Rock Bottom to Loving Life, Getting Sober, and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for a Success Mindset

If you’ve ever woken up with a hangover, if you’ve ever done something under the influence that left you with regrets, or if you, or anyone you know struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, today’s story of recovery, 2nd chances, and how to have a new look on life so you can get a new lease of life is going to be a game changer…

092 – How to Make More Sales in Any Business

If you want to make your first sale or double your income, use these proven sales and marketing strategies to find the perfect customer, differentiate your business from everyone else, and tap into the conversation in your prospect’s mind to make selling easy. You’ll find my 7-word system and secret email technique to make more money fast.

091 – How to be Unstoppable

Just over 13 years ago, I had a heart attack. Today, I share everything in my brand new book, Unstoppable, and I want to give a sneak peek into how I got through hell, overcame anxiety, and was able to dominate in business and in life.

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