7 Signs That You’re Over-Sharing on Social Media

If you're like millions of others in the business world, you're heavily invested in social media as a way to create your personal brand. And, indeed, some of the bright stars of the social world have a very clear purpose—promoting a service, building readership for a...

Everything You Need to Know About Making Money with Peer-to-Peer Lending

The venerable Mark Ford has long preached the gospel of passive income. When you are able to secure several streams of diversified revenue and structure them all as recurring income, you're golden. But that doesn't necessarily require you to build a product or service...

The Best Way to Design an Office for Maximum Productivity and Morale

Congratulations! You've graduated from fledgling entrepreneur to a growing startup with a small, but mighty staff. Your next big acquisition: An office. While having your own space is clearly a step up the business ladder, you might not be thinking of it as an...

The 1 Sales Secret that Will Help You Close More Deals

Grant Cardone is a sales and marketing machine. The author of multiple best-selling books, including, “The 10X Rule,” “Sell or Be Sold,” and “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” he has also built a $350 million real estate empire and an international sales consulting business...

The 4 Most Important Reasons to Take a Vacation This Year

Vacations have slowly gone out of vogue in America. More time is spent working and less time is spent relaxing. It’s so bad, we’ve forgotten HOW to relax. That’s why this article tackles the three main reasons vacations aren’t a luxury—they’re a necessity.

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055 – How to Use A Story to Live the Life of Your Dreams and Overcome Obstacles in Your Way

The 6 words that will always gather a crowd are: “Let me tell you a story.” Today’s guest is an epic storyteller and a very good friend of mine, John Romaniello. His secrets reveal how to use storytelling – and your hero’s journey – to build your wealth, improve your health, and attract great people into your life. Storytelling is a key to success, having strong relationships, making money, overcoming your lowest points in life – as John did to overcome his depression, and then living a good life on your own terms.

054 – What Parenting Can Teach You About Great Leadership (and Vice-Versa)

Ever wonder if you could use your parenting wisdom at the office? Or if your business acumen could somehow make your parenting stronger? Turns out they can—on both counts. Family counselor and wealth consultant Joanne Stern is on the podcast this episode to talk about the incredible insights into parenting and leadership that she gained while interviewing working parents. There’s a lot to learn about positive relationships this show, whether you’re a parent, a leader, or just an ambitious go-getter.

053 – The Money Show: Investing, Taxes, and Insurance

Money. Money. Money. Here’s how to get more of it and keep it. Best-selling author Garrett Gunderson, the CEO of Wealth Factory reveals The Truth About Investing with an advisor… and what to do instead, how to save money on your taxes, what everyone needs to know about getting the lowest interest rate on a loan, and so much more.

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