032 – 10 Tips to Save Time & Make Your Life Matter

Hey, how much would an extra hour per day be worth to you? Just think about how you could use that for family time, catching up on sleep, taking care of your health, or just relaxing and doing what you love. Well listen, this isn’t just a fantasy… Today you’re going to hear about 10 ways to save time… most of them you’ve never heard of before, and 3 of them are pretty shocking, like my recommendations on morning routines, exercise time, and cooking… But keep an open mind and you’ll find time saving gold in today’s show. Alright, let’s stop wasting time and get right to it!

031 – Love of Money: How to Live an Abundant Life & Overcome Anything

Do you struggle with anxiety and suffering in silence? Do you need more structure in your life and have thought about what kind of coach/mentor is right for you? Do you make sacrifices in your pursuit of success but still come up short of the Perfect Day? On this episode, Chris Harder interviews ME as I dive deep into all of this and explain the importance of giving and a positive mentality.

030 – Gratitude: The Key to Happiness & Success

Do you struggle with the 1st world problems of comparison syndrome, envy, and taking things – or people – for granted? Don’t worry, we all do. That’s why we’re going to take a deep dive today into the lives of very successful people who have an attitude of gratitude. It changed my life, and it’ll change yours as well. Today you’ll hear the daily morning gratitude rituals of the rich and famous – and HAPPY – including Tony Robbins, Oprah, Lewis Howes, Chris Pratt, Bedros Keuilian, and many, many more.

029 – How to Go From Corporate Job to 6-Figure Entrepreneur While Raising a Family, Being Insanely Productive, Having a Great Marriage, and Making Craig Laugh

Brad Pilon was a 6-figure corporate success story, but he wanted to be an entrepreneur and live life on his own terms. The problem was that he was married (to his best friend) and the father of two young kids. Still, thanks to his insanely productive morning routine and daily rituals, he was able to build a multiple six-figure home-based business while strengthening his marriage and raising two awesome kids. He explains how he did this … all while making Craig laugh … in the last Early To Rise Radio Show Podcast.

028 – How to Get More Done When You Know Your Values, Value, and Vision

Most people fail to get stuff done not because they don’t have morning routines and rituals or even self-discipline. But because they don’t know their values, value, or vision for their life. Find out how to create a Champion Mindset so you can have success in your marriage, your business, and your health, so you can create the wealth you desire and live the life of your dreams.

027 – A Busy Parent’s Morning Routine and Guide to Success in Marriage, Work, and Raising Children

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Life, my friends Vince and Flavia Delmonte. They are both successful entrepreneurs, loving parents, and best friends in their relationship. They have gone through many ups and downs and today their marriage is stronger than ever. But what’s their secret to their success in life and raising children? I traveled to their home to interview them in person about daily routines, morning rituals, and the importance of communication in love and life … and they even taught me how to FIGHT! This is an eye-opening, jaw-dropping, politically incorrect deep dive into marriage in the 21st century.