Don’t Know Your “Thing”? Here’s Why You Should.

I was recently on a trip to Australia. One night, a couple of new friends and I were having beers when one of one of them asked me a pointed but simple question: "Who are you and what have you done?” I BSed my way through the question, but in honesty, I didn’t really...

Inside the World of Startup Investing with VC Ross Blankenship

A few days ago, I had the privilege of interviewing veteran venture capitalist and angel investor Ross Blankenship. Founder of Angel King Investors, Ross regularly speaks about entrepreneurship and investing, and has published extensively on the topic. We sat down to...

How To Humanize Your Business Using The Character Diamond

Think about your favorite character from a TV show, movie, or book. What is it about that character that draws you to them? Perhaps you see yourself in their unwavering determination. Or their ability to overcome the most challenging of obstacles. Maybe you were...

12 Steps to Controlling Your Life

There are two types of people in this world: Successful people and people who struggle. What’s the difference? People who struggle are RE-active. Successful people are PRO-active. Here’s a perfect example of someone on the RE-active end of the spectrum: Frank is...

The Secret Sauce to Wealth-Building Isn’t Saving Money

“Champion Investor” Chad Champion flips the script on wealth-building with this look at savings and investing vs. skill-building. The numbers point to a higher likelihood of millionaire-hood when you invest your savings in yourself instead of penny stocks and frivolous assets.

6 Ways to Rein in Your Digital Activity

Randy Carver shares his professional insights on how to cut the digital cord in this chapter form his acclaimed book, “1440.” Dig in to find out how to FINALLY break your dependence on email and social media.

How to Have the Perfect Morning

The secret to productive, priority-focused mornings is not a secret—in fact, the idea of a Morning Routine goes back generations. ETR Editor Craig Ballantyne unpacks this age-old wisdom, and how you can use it to win your days.

Letters to Loved Ones

Letter-writing provides dimension to our thoughts and feelings. And even if you don’t send them, they are a powerful tool for reflection. Here’s why.

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043 – Nighttime Tips for the Perfect Morning Routine

What if you could finish half of your morning work the night before… just with the right planning? 82% of my readers admitted they are losing control of their day in the morning… so today’s show is going to fix that with 3 easy steps to structure your day, build your to-do list, and script your perfect morning routine. It’s perfect for parents and will even help you sleep better.

042 – My Father’s Top Tips for Doing Business and Being a Little Crazy

What I wouldn’t give for another hour with my father. He passed away in 2008 but left me many business lessons, including his top tip of being a little crazy, that totally changed my life. You’ll also hear how Bedros Keuilian’s father gave him the immigrant edge and how both of our fathers taught us the meaning of hard work. Our fathers inspired us to success and greatness, and we want to teach you what we learned. This one gets a little emotional, and the stories are powerful.

041 – Meet Dark Arts Persuasive Coach Shari Alexander

Early To Rise editor, Jeff Steen talks to Shari Alexander about some of her amazing experiences as she tells stories of how she managed to land major business and political clients using her unique skills. Listen as she reveals the sometimes-harsh truths about what you and I are doing wrong in our communication.

040 – How to Get Rich the Right Way

Before Tim Ferriss, there was Mark Ford, a man you can only describe at a real-life World’s Most Interesting Man. Today you get the wisdom of a businessman who spent 3 decades dedicating himself to getting rich, learning languages, becoming a poet and artist, and building a billion-dollar business. But along the way, he made some mistakes, and he wants you to avoid them. Enjoy this epic discussion covering his journey from broke, misbehaving kid on Long Island to his first retirement at age 39 and then to his second and third acts as a business mentor and best-selling author. Everything you need to know about life is on today’s show.

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