5 Life Lessons from Billion Dollar Entrepreneurs

Eleven days ago over 400 men and women from all corners of the globe came together at our second annual Perfect Life Retreat with a single purpose… To discover the tools, strategies, and tactics required to make more money, get more done, live their perfect lives and...

How to Use the “Dubas Method” to Accomplish Your Biggest Goals in 17-minutes a Day

“Your idea is stupid!” she wrote. “Maybe it works for you, but I have three little kids at home. I don’t have time for that.” I had just taken a shower after a morning of productive work and a noonday workout. I was feeling great. Now this. Bummer! I kept reading. She...

Lessons from Ed Mylett: How to Achieve Any Goal and Max Out Your Life

As legendary coach Lou Holtz said, “If you are bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things — you don’t have enough goals.” If you’re reading this site, you’re already in the small percentage of people actively trying to create...

5 Keys to Unlocking More Income AND Balance in Your Life

Everyone wants more money.But everyone also wants more personal time. You can’t have it both ways.Or can you? The answer is YES, you can have it all. But the problem is that few people know how to accomplish both of these things simultaneously. Much like losing fat...

083 – How to be a Superstar Performer

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on The Your Life! Your Terms! Show and got to speak about my life as a “Serial Entrepreneur” and with it takes to be a superstar high performer. Don’t miss this game-changing advice on gaining clarity, finding focus, and restoring control in every aspect of your life.

082 – 5 Life Changing Factors For Success

A 20-year study of high performers reveals the 5 keys to faster results and big breakthroughs in life… Revealing that if you are stuck and want to be more successful, you need a positive attitude, a can’t-stop success mindset, and the willingness to jump out of your comfort zone. But then there are secrets to success too, including one VIP you need in your life, a special kind of accountability, and then a unique step-by-step blueprint that serves as the roadmap for success. All will be revealed in this killer episode!

081 – The ReStart Blueprint

If you want to make a BIG change in your life, if you want to start a second act, or write the second chapter in your life, get a new job, build a new business, start a new relationship, or just develop a new belief in yourself, then this podcaster is going to be a game changer. Today you’ll discover the complete ReStart Blueprint. These secrets allowed me to go from fitness expert to world renowned author and business coach, and most importantly, this blueprint allowed me to become the man I needed to become to achieve the dreams I wanted to achieve. It’s going to do amazing things for you too.

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