5 Tips for Creating a Customer-Attracting, Dynamic Brand

Recently, a colleague walked into my office looking refreshed. He had a great tan, relaxed physical demeanor, and big smile—but he hadn’t gone on vacation. I asked him, somewhat enviously, why he seemed so at ease. "I started playing baseball in 'an old man’s...

Tim Grover’s 6 Ways to Become Unstoppable

While there are several powerhouse speakers who will be “lighting up” the Perfect Life Retreat this fall, there’s one speaker in particular that I’m insanely excited about. His name is Tim Grover. If you don’t know Tim, you should. He has spent decades working with...

6 Ways Successful People Think Differently

Joe Coulombe was successful. At least, he was by most standards. Several years ago, he launched a small chain of convenience stores in southern California that fit the 7-11 model. But then, he saw an opportunity. Always one for innovation and improvement, he wondered...

The 4 Biggest Lies We Learn as Children—and How to Unlearn Them

Happiness is a tricky thing. We chase things, ideas, and people we think will get us closer to happiness, but they never truly do. Every time we reach a milestone, hundreds more appear before us. Before we know it, we are on the road to happiness once again—wandering...

3 Techniques to Master Daily Gratitude

You can’t control what happens in the world around you, but you can control how you respond. Use these 3 gratitude techniques to turn a world of negativity into a life of possibility, promise, and positivity.

065 – The Top Secrets to Becoming Relentless

Want to know what separates superstar athletes, world-class closers like Grant Cardone, Sara Blakely, and YOU from everyone else? It’s the ability to be Relentless, to have Unstoppable Focus and Discipline, and to make the decision to play up a level in life. Learn my 3 favorite stories from the book Relentless, and listen to the author Tim Grover, do a deep dive into the success of these superstars.

064 – Big Life Changing Secrets from 10 Years of Getting Better Everyday

You’ll discover BIG secrets for changing your life, making more money, and becoming uber successful. A past client from my “former life” grills me on how I changed my personality, was able to overcome anxiety, and how I’m now making a lot of money on Instagram (using my trademarked Story Selling System) in a way that no one else is doing. Get ready to make big leaps in your personal life and in your career.

062 – The Truth About Work Life Balance and Why You Must Master Your Time

Work-Life Balance is a joke. We all know it… and yet, everyone feels tremendous guilt not having it. Worse, others around you shame you for pursuing excellence. If you’ve ever been disrespected because of your decision to be a high performer and obsession to master your time, I’ve got good news for you today. Join the Work-Life Mastery movement and own your life so that you have more success, better health, and greater wealth.

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