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Clayton Makepeace

Clayton Makepeace

In many of the 34 years since Clayton Makepeace began his career, his marketing brainstorms and sales copy have generated over 100 million dollars in sales for his clients – all told well over a billion dollars so far!
Clayton’s copy has generated as many as TWO MILLION NEW CUSTOMERS for a single product in just 36 months and doubled, tripled – and on four specific occasions, quadrupled – the number of paying customers on his clients house files in as little as a year or two.He has increased his client’s sales revenues by up to 1,000 percent in a single month, and multiplied monthly sales revenues by up to 4,400 percent in one short year.Clayton’s direct response copy has pulled in as much as $3.6 million in sales over a weekend $5 million in a few weeks and $16 MILLION in a single month!




Most  marketers approach their prospects like an army would attack a walled city: with a full frontal assault. We come at them with flags flying, trumpets blaring, and missiles flying. Our siege machines hurl fiery Read More >>

Meet Sad Sack


The other day, a guy — a real sad sack — left a post on my blog. Said he’s been a copywriter for decades but has not been very successful at it. It’s not his Read More >>

The Secret to Making a Billion Dollars


Love him or hate him, you have to admit it. Rush Limbaugh is a phenomenon. He doesn’t promise riches, better health, social status, to ease your workload, or get you dates. In fact, he never Read More >>

Who Are You?


When someone asks, “What do you do for a living?” there is only one correct answer. It’s not “I have a business.” A business is something you own; not something you do. The correct answer Read More >>

What Are Your Prospects Feeling?


Before you can write an effective piece of marketing copy, you have to know what your prospects are feeling — understand what we call their “resident” or “dominant” emotions. How do you do it? There Read More >>

Clayton and “the Coroner”


As The Redhead and I were chatting with some new friends between sessions at the Early to Rise Bootcamp, a big guy approached our little group. To other attendees, his tattoos, piercings, the skull on Read More >>

Why Sidebars Are Crucial


There are pretty much only two kinds of prospects in a marketer’s universe: (1) casual copy scanners, and (2) inveterate readers. Hand a sales letter to a dozen people, and you’ll see what I mean. Read More >>

Are Marketing Sea Changes Killing Your Response?


I’m so old, I’ll betcha my tie has gone in and out of style at least five times. Not that I pay much attention to such things, mind you. My professional life revolves around marketing Read More >>

I reject your reality and choose to substitute my own


I was down at our new “getaway” digs over Labor Day. It’s a great place. Just outside of Atlanta and two hours from our North Carolina home. We bought it a few months ago so Read More >>


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