3 Sexy Body Tips Stolen From The Romanz

So as I mentioned, I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone and online with Roman (our friend John Romaniello) in the last week or so, and I’ve come away a better trainer and fat loss coach thanks to him. Here are a few of the super-big-ultra-mega take-aways for your fat loss results

Basically, 3 things I’ve stolen from Roman that I will now claim to be my own after a 7 day grace period.

1) Roman’s Dense

Or more accurately, Roman uses density training to cram in more sets and reps and volume so that you get more work done and therefore – say it with me – more “super-ultra-mega-smurftastic” fat burning.

How do we do this?

– Choose 2 mega-awesome exercises (like squats and push presses)
– For each exercise, select a weight you can lift ~12 times.
– The goal is to perform as many reps as possible in 5 minutes.
– DO NOT lift the weight for 12 reps on your first set.
– Instead, perform 6 reps of squats, then 6 reps of push presses.
– Alternate back and forth for the entire 5 minute period.
– Rest as little as possible between sets.
– At end of 5 minutes, record the TOTAL reps you did for each.

Boom goes the fat burning dynamite.

Better performance. More muscle. More fat loss. Sexier body.

I’ll prove that in a second.

2) Roman’s Greasy

Yesterday I mentioned the “Grease-The-Groove” strength training tip that Roman gave me to help my Push Press exercise strength.

He has me doing Push Presses 4 days per week, doing 3 sets of 8 repetitions each time with a weight that I can do for about 12 reps.

Over time, I’ll have improved my skill in this exercise, and therefore will be able to lift ridiculously more weight.

Well, maybe not ridiculously more, but more.

And that applies to you how? Because there’s no doubt you have an exercise you want to improve, such as push-ups. Well, you can use the Grease-the-Groove strategy to get better.

As a result, you’ll add muscle and lose fat, while increasing your performance. Oh, and getting a sexier body.

Ready for that proof?

I’m now going to show you why the added muscle is so important for your best beach body ever.

3) More Muscle = Better Abs

Listen, I’ve tried to folks over and over again that doing slow cardio to lose the last bit of fat is futile.

Dieting + cardio without weights really, really is the worst thing you could do to your beach body.

Now most TT readers think I have decent abs and muscle, but take a look at what happens to a set of abs when you add another 15 pounds of muscle.

Behold…a sexier body from more muscle:

Romanz abs are even better, you have to give him that. So make sure you are using metabolic resistance training as your main source of calorie and fat burning workouts.

It’s that simple.

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You have nothing to lose but stubborn fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Co-Creator, TT Clash of the Titans

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Get ready to build your best sexy beach body ever.