You Will Never Get This Back

I screwed up again. But on the bright side, I realized that my mistake gives me a chance to teach you an important life lesson. So let me set the scene…

It was a gorgeous, hot summer’s day. The perfect day to be on holiday in Europe, without a cloud in the sky as I walked by the water through the old town of Split, Croatia, last Thursday.

Being on holiday, of course, I thought I’d treat myself to my first ever cup of authentic Gelatto. (Yep, until then, I had only ever eaten traditional North American ice-cream.)

But as I was halfway through the cup of rich chocolatey goodness, I realized something. I was probably breaking my promise to you.

I quickly Googled, “Gelatto ingredients”. Sure enough, there was likely gluten-containing ingredients in the Gelatto (either as wheat or corn starch used as a thickening agent).

So, I tossed the rest in the trash.

Now many readers will scoff and think that I’m an idiot.

“Relax, Craig. You’re on holiday. Enjoy the ice cream. You only live once. Quit being so uptight. No one cares.”

Well, that’s wrong. I care.

I care about the promises I make to you, like this one I made on August 1st:

No caffeine, diet soda, gluten, or alcohol for all of August.

(I’ve actually extended this Diet Depletion to Friday, September 13th to help support a few Turbulence Training Members).

This wasn’t about the ice cream.

Just like an Olympic athlete’s training is not about the workouts.

It’s about the end goal.

It’s about taking advantage of the opportunities and challenges in life that allow us to build strength and willpower while maintaining our integrity.

That’s much more important than the 2 minutes of pleasure you’ll get from eating a cup of ice cream in a beautiful setting.

To those who mock me, I have to ask:

“Where do you draw the line? Sure it’s just a cup of ice cream, so why not a eat an entire container? And yes, I could have just one drink, after all, it really won’t hurt, so why not six? Sleep in? Sure. Heck, why get out of bed at all today?“

So where do you draw the line?

In the safety of your comfort zone? If you do, you are making a big mistake.

You see, most people in life weakly draw a line of safety in the sand just outside their bunker, far, far, far away from enemy territory. And therefore, far, far, far away from what they could really achieve in life.

That approach is for people that are too scared to struggle, too afraid of being tested, too afraid of finding out what they can really become. And that’s a shame.

But I choose to draw my line miles into enemy territory…in the belly of the beast. Where I must grind and slave and labor to make progress, inch by inch, fighting temptation after temptation.

Where I’m at risk.

Where I’m accountable to you.It’s where you have to deal with the real consequences in life.

I’m talking about the long-term, at the-end-of-your-life-here-is-your-Legacy-consequences…

That’s what matters.

And if you are willing to do that, to “draw the line” deep in enemy territory, where you will be challenged each and every day to hold yourself accountable to others, to strengthen your willpower, then that is where and how you will succeed.

Making the decision to draw a much more challenging line in your life is what will make ALL of the difference.
Going the extra miles behind enemy lines is what separates the winners from the “never will be’s”.

So make the promises. Get the support. Do the planning. Take the action.

Because one way or another, you will deal with the consequences. It’s up to you to determine what those consequences will be.

Will they be the consequences of living an unfulfilled life safely in your bunker? Or will they be the consequences that come from only constantly testing yourself, growing stronger, and becoming better?

Listen, there will always be Gelatto.

But there will never be another chance for me to keep this promise to you.

So that’s why it matters more to me to keep the promise than to eat the ice cream.

I hope your understand this.

You and I will never get this life back.

So live a life of strength and courage.

Live a life where you draw the line outside of your comfort zone, in enemy territory where you have to fight to improve and strengthen yourself every single day.

This is your chance to prove to yourself and the world that you really are in charge this time.

You will never have this opportunity again.

Don’t say, “Oh I can’t do that.”

You might not be able to do it perfectly, but you can get better at it…you can get better at everything.
Shrug off your natural inclination to dismiss your ability.

Sure, you might never be a pro fitness model, but you can always improve your habits.

So show up. Do the work. Get better. Stay positive.

Keep on pushing everyday.

You’ll be amazed at where that gets you in life.

The Gelatto can wait.

I guarantee it will be there for you at the end of your journey when it is time to celebrate the success of your commitment.

Now I can’t tell you where your journey will end. But I know where it starts…with you drawing a line in the sand.

Where exactly you draw it is up to you.

Make the right decision and draw it in the right spot today.

Because no one will be able to take that away from you, ever.

Live healthy and train hard and you will reach your goals,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Exciting nutrition & training tips to come this week…stay tuned and stay STRONG.