You Will NEVER Forget This Moment

It was December 29th, 2006. I was sitting in my 600 square foot apartment in Toronto, working away on my online business. Things were going great… I was making over $275K a year by then.

That night an email from legendary copywriter, Ted Nicholas, arrived in my Hotmail account. I had been on his newsletter list for over a year.

“You need to attend Yanik Silver’s Internet Marketing Seminar,” Ted wrote. And then he mentioned the BIG DEADLINE – the price of the event was doubling at midnight. That urgency inspired me to action. The rest is history.

At Yanik’s event I joined his Mastermind. The Mastermind showed me the path to 7-figures, introduced me to my future business partner, Matt Smith, and taught me how to be a Go-Giver.

That was almost 8 years ago. And I remember it like it was yesterday, just as YOU will remember this moment. And just like Erin Neilsen remembers the moment when she decided to seriously take action on her dreams…

“I’ll never forget it,” Erin said in an interview recently. “I was sitting on my couch and I got an email from Craig. I had been getting his emails for quite a while. He wrote, ‘You have an idea you want to get out to the world.’ I had been a physical therapist for almost 18 years and loved helping people, but along the way I started thinking that something was missing.”

“I had this pull at my heart that I wanted to help the people that I knew were out there struggling. So when I got Craig’s email, I said, ‘I need to do this; I need to go to this meeting.”

Erin attended a 1-Day Mastermind and the Info Workshop last November. We gave her all the tools and marching orders she needed to start her business. Then she went home and in just two months she had everything done. Fast-forward almost 11 months later and today Erin has 3,000 customers, and has been promoted by many of the top affiliates in the industry.

“My number one piece of advice,” Erin said, “Is to get a mentor. I couldn’t have done it without Craig, Bedros, Rick Kaselj, Dan Ritchie, Tyler Bramlett, and all the people I’ve met through the Mastermind that have been so helpful. Getting a mentor is essential. As is surrounding yourself with like-minded people.”

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Erin’s not the only one that read one of my emails and decided to change her life. My good friend and Certified Turbulence Trainer, Derek Wahler, did the same in January of 2014, attending a 1-Day Mastermind with Bedros and me in Miami.

“I remember coming home from work one day and telling my wife about this online business that I wanted to start,” Derek said, “After reading Craig’s emails for months, I finally decided I’m going to jump on this and do it.”

Today Derek also has thousands of sales, several products, and works with the top affiliates in his industry.

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And there’s one more person I want you to hear from. His name is Kenny Preslar. A shy young man, he joined our Mastermind in May, and just 5 months later he has TENS of thousands of customers. He even wrote this letter just for YOU.

“If you’re reading this it means there’s a good chance that you’re a pioneer. You think different, you want more, and you know something that can transform someone’s life…

Right now, at this very moment, they need you… They’re in pain both mentally and physically. If they could only find you online right now and buy your product they would finally get the information they so desperately need to solve their problems.

You see, no matter where you are right now in your info business and especially if you have no idea where to start… You’re close… You’re so close to dramatically improving your life and the lives of everyone around you…

How close?

I’ll tell you… You’re exactly 1 sales page and 1 contact away from success.

How do I know this?

Less than 30 days ago I wrote 1 simple sales page and contacted one person that I met at my very first mastermind… At the time I had zero customers and was generating zero dollars in sales online…

It’s now almost 30 days later and I have nearly 15,000 paying customers on my list and will generate nearly $500,000 in total revenue this month. This is only the beginning and there’s no doubt in my mind that I will be a 7 figure earner within my first 12 months of joining the group.

So if you’re sitting there, still thinking it’s impossible… well, then maybe you aren’t one of us.

However, if you ARE one of the few pioneers who thinks different, wants more, and is relentless in your pursuit of success… then this is the place for you and Craig and Bedros will give you the exact step-by-step plan you need so that you can discover your own winning sales message and make your own first big connection.”

It’s time for you to have YOUR big moment.

It’s time for you to make the decision that you will remember forever.

Take a picture of yourself to preserve the memory. This is your before photo. Your after photo, which could be just 30 days away, will show you living the life of your dreams – where you are helping thousands of people and working whenever and wherever you want.

It IS possible. Erin, Derek, Kenny, and I are living proof.

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See you soon,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – How do you change the world?

One right decision at a time.

I hope this has inspired you.

“You aren’t going to save the world on your own. But you might inspire a generation to save it for all of us. You would be amazed at what inspired people can do.” – Dr. Jane Goodall