How to Write a Book – FAST!

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If you’re struggling to write a book or finish your million-dollar info product, I just filmed a short video that shows you how to get it done in LESS than a day.
It’s boom-simple-quick. Unicorn face

Watch this video for the 5 steps to write your book fast

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Please comment on the video, share it with friends, then take massive action to get your book done and your million-dollar message out to the world.

This is one of the most game-changing videos I’ve ever made for you.

Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to watch and change your path in life today.

Let me know when your million-dollar idea is done. (I’d love to read it!)

Talk soon,
Craig Ballantyne

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PS – But wait…

…if you’re wondering how to sell it, don’t worry, we have you covered there, too.

Bedros Keuilian and I just filmed some brand new video podcasts and we’ll be releasing them very soon…

… one of them is 10 ways to make money with your book.

Stay tuned for that…

or come join us at our next Mastermind and we’ll teach you how in-person.

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