How to Achieve World Domination

Last Saturday afternoon, just after lunch (and the Zombie parade – long story), a budding superstar in the world of fitness joined Matt Smith and myself on stage for a hot seat.

Her name is Kate Vidulich and within 2 minutes of the hot seat she had interrupted Matt and caught his attention (if want to get him to notice you, either insult or interrupt him).

Kate’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she’s a natural for video. She also has a great idea, AND most important of all, Kate is planning for World Domination.

Kate described the advice she received from Matt during her hot seat as “game-changing“. She rocks. Stay tuned to see her name over and over and over again in the fitness world in 2013 and beyond.

As a shout-out to Kate and all the World Dominators on this email list, we’re going to dedicate today’s QnA to massive action taking and world domination.

Q: What’s the best way to prioritize your tasks at the start of the day? And do you add to it all day long or how do add things as they come up?

World Domination definitely starts with good planning.

First, the prioritization is done the night before.

Second, unless it’s an emergency, nothing should get added to the daily tasks. You’re already fully booked. You need to look at planning more seriously.

Make sure to review this guide to planning your time.

Q: I want to achieve world domination in direct marketing. After you’ve exhausted family and friends where do you go next? I want good leads, not cold. – Michelle

The best way is to build leads online by creating great content…just like we do in my businesses to sell information products – and just like I advice here on

You should be doing great things and attracting people into your world, rather than going out bugging people – like your friends and family.

“Be a welcome guest, not an uninvited pest,” as Dan Kennedy likes to say.

Q: A devastating financial blunder from 18 years ago resulted in me having to follow a back-up career plan just to survive. I’ve been pursuing that career path for 15+ years at the total exclusion of almost everything else in my life. So far the result has been a gradual decrease in my quality of life and financial holdings, despite working as many as three jobs at a time. Got burnt out 4-5 years ago, but have no other options which to follow. How do I get back on track, and get over the burnout? – Daniel C. Webb

Hi Daniel, sorry to hear about this, but World Domination (WD) is still within your reach. Something as simple just requires a 5 step plan:

Step 1 – Get up 15 minutes earlier each day. That helps solve almost any problem. You’ll think better in the morning than any other time of the day. Or use that time for meditation or other healthy habits to take care of yourself.

Step 2 – Connect with your network. Identify the positive people you know and share your situation and vision with them. Good people want to help other good people. And good people are out there.

Step 3 – Make sure you have a vision to share. Create yours with the help of this Vision Video.

Step 4 – Take action. World Domination-style.

Step 5 – Never give up.

Q: What’s your “power breakfast? for World Domination” – Lillian Davenport

Lillian, here is more info on what I eat each day.

Craig’s Daily Diet

Q: When you are really struggling to do any work, do you just take a break or do you have a routine to get you inspired and fired up within a short space of time? – Phil Hampton

Phil – I’d probably take the dog for a walk. Research shows you are more creative outside of your regular work environment.

Dogs are also very helpful for World Domination. But that just goes without saying.

Q: When you can and want to solve a potential customer problem, but the customer want to pay less, what is your advice?? – Julio Lozoya

Julio – Work harder on creating, and proving, more value to the prospect. Focus on the benefits, address the obstacles, but make sure they know what is in it for them. Make the
offer a no-brainer…meaning they would be crazy to say no.

As Zig Ziglar is famous for saying, “You can get anything you want if you help enough people get what they want.”

Q: How did you manage marketing and system building if you work splits training clients – Bobby Collins

Bobby – Your World Domination Action Plan is much like the one I gave to Daniel.

Step 1: Get up at least 15 minutes earlier and work on your business. That’s what I did back in 2003. Got up before 4:30am to create the life I wanted. It worked. It will work for you too.

Step 2: Be prepared to work on your business with every free minute you have. I worked in the 3 minutes between clients. I worked while standing on the subway ride home. I worked, I worked, and I worked. It worked. It will work for you.

Work is a key component of the World Domination Equation.

Q: I have a diverse network, but find that when I share brainstorming ideas it evokes their own fears, doubts, and they challenge my ideas. I have tried different “think tanks” …without much real support. Have you experienced this and any suggestion on developing a supportive group? – Krystin

Krystin – No, I’m sorry, I haven’t dealt with negative folks. Or if I have, I’ve left them out of my World Domination planning. Let’s help you find some good partners and positive
people for World Domination.

I encourage you to go to events in your industry. That is where you will find the best people. It’s never steered me wrong.

So there you go. You’re now all set for World Domination.


Craig Ballantyne

“Every single person on the planet is rewarded for one thing and one thing only, and that is for serving other people. The more you serve others, the higher your reward.” – Larry Winget