Perform the following circuit in order. Do not rest between exercises. Rest as little as possible between circuits and repeat for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

1. High Pull – 5 reps
2. Front Squat – 5 reps
3. Push Press – 5 reps
4. Romanian Deadlift – 5 reps
5. Incline Spider Crawl Push-ups – 5 reps/side

Do not rest. Repeat as many rounds as possible for 10 minutes.

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. Craig has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine for over 17 years. Today he teaches his gift to high-performing entrepreneurs how to squeeze more out of their days, increase their income, and make more quality time for their families in his Perfect Life Workshop and Work-Life Mastery programs. Craig used his own advice to overcome crippling anxiety attacks in 2006, and he'll teach you his 5 Pillars of Success so you can increase your income, decrease your work time, and live the life of your dreams. Learn more about Craig at